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White Man Catches Vicious Fade In Alleged “Justice For Trayvon” Attack [VIDEO]


An Alabama man is believed to be the latest white victim to be attacked in retaliation over the shooting death of Trayvon Martin. Police in Mobile are looking for the group who brutally beat Matthew Owens, leaving him in critical condition.

According to authorities the angry mob attacked Owens after he got into an argument with children playing basketball last weekend. After the youngsters left, a group of 20 adults carrying chairs, brass knuckles, pipes, and paint cans, made their way to Owens’ doorstep. One person is alleged to have uttered “Now that’s justice for Trayvon,” after the attack.

Police were unable to find any suspects at the scene, but made an arrest Wednesday (April 25) morning. “It was the scariest thing I have ever witnessed,” Owens’ sister, Ashley Parker, told local news station WKRG News 5. Owens and the unidentified suspect have had an ongoing feud since 2009, according to the Mobile County District Attorney’s Office.

Although it hasn’t been determined if Owens provoked the altercation, neighbors witnessed him chasing off the group of children with kitchen knives. He also has a history of violent offenses, and has been arrested numerous times for domestic violence, assault, and sexual abuse.

Martin’s death in February has contributed to racial tension across the country after his accused killer, George Zimmerman, was initially let go. One month later, second-degree murder charges were brought against the former neighborhood watch volunteer, who turned himself in to authorities. Zimmerman has since been released from custody after posting $150,000 bond.



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  • TDR25_Forever

    WOW THE OUTRAGE! How dare Blacks attack Whites in this country, even with all the discrimination, persecution, lynching, degradation, and stereotyping White’s put them through. How dare Blacks dare lash out at Whites in anger? How dare they?

  • MDixon

    TDR25…You are an ignorant buffoon. If you believe whites “deserve” to be beaten and put in the hospital in retaliation for Trayvon Martin’s death then you are beyond help. If that’s the way you feel, that someone deserves to be beaten to the point of hospitalization based on the color of their skin,  then just do society a favor and jump off the highest building you can find.

    • ★Treis Gaara★

      Lol that’s what he gets.

      • chief keef

        lol u be on hodameautures