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George Zimmerman Wants Damaging Evidence Sealed In Trayvon Martin Case


George Zimmerman is following the lead of prosecutors in his pending case for the murder of Trayon Martin, by requesting that certain evidence in his trial be kept under wraps. Zimmerman’s lawyer, Mark O’Mara, filed a motion last week requesting that his client’s text messages, emails and journal entries not be released to the public, until they can be reviewed by both sides.

According to O’Mara release of the evidence will “adversely affect the proper administration of justice in this case, and may make it impossible to find an appropriate jury unaffected by this information.”

The requested sealing of evidence comes after the release of mounds of documents including witness statements, photos, and surveillance  footage of Martin on the night of his death. According to one witness, who spoke with Zimmerman after the shooting, the 28-year-old seemed unfazed by killing the unarmed teen, saying “Tell my wife I shot somebody.”

Zimmerman has pleaded not-guilty to second-degree murder charges.



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  • Anonymous

    Nope release his messages. Lets see what that coward says when he thinks no one is listening.

    • kirby76

      I think your comment rather succintly demonstrates why they want the evidence sealed pending trial.

  • Chanellece

    They want to seal his texts, emails, etc. but put Trayvon’s info. all over the internet?

    • kirby76

      The stuff on Trayvon isn’t evidence (except in comments threads)

  • FrankCastle

    Not releases until the TRIAL.. as it SHOULD BE….. we want this tried IN COURT.not on the web!! 

  • Seal it now, try the case in court, and head for the slammer . . . Really, you don’t want the case tried in the media, Om, stop attacking the victim and playing to the media..