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Fantasy Factory’s Rob Dyrdek Says He Owes Daniel Tosh The Fade [VIDEO]


Pro Skateboarder/mogul Rob Dydrek and Comedy Central host Daniel Tosh have traded jabs with each other for a while, but now it looks like a square dance is going to go down. Tosh, who hosts the wildly popular show Tosh. 0 on Comedy Central, has taken plenty of shots at Dyrdek in the past for allegedly ripping off his show with MTV’s Ridiculousness. Things apparently got serious this week however when Tosh had a skit on his show that depicted Dyrdek as a pedophile.In the skit, Tosh dressed up as Dyrdek and skateboards in a place called the “Childish Dream Factory for Young Boys Only” filled with shirtless, 12-year-olds on Razor scooters. Tosh even had a character named “Big Sack,” a take off of Christopher “Big Black” Boykin and gave the children pills and “Jesus Juice.” Once Dyrdek caught wind of the sketch, is apparently when ish got real. “The idea of having beef with @danieltosh is truly embarrassing..for real..” Dyrdek tweeted yesterday. “Imagine that ‘clip show host’ beef, but the beef is now very real. I am not a comedian or an actor so unfortunately for @danieltosh we are going to have to settle this the old fashion way.. 

Tosh responded in his usual tongue-in-cheek manner by tweeting “fair enough but if you have to beat me up, can we film it and put it on my show so people will actually watch it?”

What’s beef? Check the clip that started the drama below.


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  • mark_starr

    the fact that Rob had the balls to BITE off of comedy centrals Tosh.O and cry when made fun of is a bunch of “ridiculousness” in itself. Mr. D had a good thing going with the factory, but he became too cocky. now he is bitching for exactly what he wanted In The first place… People laughing. unfortunately, he just can’t take a joke and can’t stand being the butt of one.
    take a long SKATE off a short cliff Rob.

  • hhjksdhf_djkfga

    Um… learn waht your talking about first Mark. Rob piched ridiculousness back in 05 when your boy “MR.D” was still living off his mom. You think Rob really needs the money or the fame from the clip show? Hes only doing it because hes having fun bottom line. Tosh needs to grow up and stop making fun of other people.

  • bugzmoney

    the guy below me sounds really sensitive. ” tosh needs to grow up and stop making fun of people”? maybe you should stick with your pg rated tv shows. your prly just a phucking wood pusher anyways @7114a744949376135ed2d53e6c57ee55:disqus

  • Juan

    Tosh got it from America’s funniest home videos, or some other old tv video show so check before you talk…

  • toshwearspinksweatersallthetim

    Ever heard of America’s funniest videos??? The soup??? They both ripped the ideas off from these shows only difference is that Daniel tosh is dealing with his closeted homosexuality and attraction to young boys and feels the need to call other people pedophiles…. remember when we were kids “whoever smelt it dealt it” but “whoever denied it supplied it”… well damn by that logic they’re both homosexual pedophiles. only one way to settle it battle royale!

  • Lemonpinesol

    Rob D threatening anyone is hilarious, who would feel threatened by a 5’7 skinny dude who looks like hes a 50 year old trapped in a kids body

  • carpooltunnel

    Name I clip show that doesn’t make fun of people…

  • carpooltunnel


  • Llamas

    Um I like tosh a lot more it’s not that ridiculousness isn’t a good show rob dyrdrek annoys the hell out of me how he moves his arms around the same way in every show like some hipster he’s a cool dude other than that and tosh can be a little harsh with the jokes at times