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“I’m a Muslim and I believe 100% Islam and there’s a lot of things that got to happen before the Day of Judgment comes.  I don’t see it [all] happening in two years.”

When 1999 was coming to a close, many citizens were spooked about the following year which was penned as the Y2K problem.

Many were under the belief that when the clock brought in the new day, there would be utter chaos as computer technology would malfunction and cause databases to crash which would essentially leave many people without necessary documentation/identity.

A greater scare was the fact that some were under the belief that the world would shut down and revert back to its primitive stages and everyone would have to start again from scratch.

The ball dropped to bring in 2000, and not one thing, out of the ordinary, went wrong.

As 2009 comes to a close, another prophecy comes about as the Mayan calendar marks December 21, 2012 as the Day of Judgment.  This day would basically mark the end, as the Earth would be destroyed or cleansed of those that do wrong and those that have a  belief in God will reside with him above in His Kingdom.

Whether there is validity to the prediction or not, many faces are starting to feel likes its 1999 as they ponder the question, “What if this is the end?”

Freeway and Jakk Frost, both Muslim, recently showed up to speak with DJ Kay Slay where the same question was presented to Freeway to gain his perspective.

“Prophet Isa (Jesus) has to come back and he’s gonna come back and establish Islam and all that and I can’t see that happening that quick.  Then after that, there’s some things that happen after that too before the Day of Judgment.”

Freezer also reflected on where he was back in 99 at the time when everyone was afraid of an electronic global shutdown.

“99-2000 I was in jail like, “Aw, sh*it, I’ma be locked in this mother*cka, all the electricity gonna cut off.”

Artists such as Mase and Kanye West haven’t shied away from being more vocal as it pertains to religion whether it be through church or within the music.

“A lot of people are starting to get religious, but that’s good.  That’s the direction people need to go to because religion is important.”

Free was also able to address the situation regarding Busta Rhymes and the Arabic prayer for his single “Arab Money.”

“It’s certain things you can and can’t do.  Busta probably didn’t even know, but like that’s one thing you can’t do.  You can’t have no Islamic prayer inside of a song because people are going to be playing the songs in the clubs and everything where the prayer shouldn’t be recited.  It’s like a fine line that you have to walk and it’s hard to do.  Some people can’t do it.  I have a problem doing it myself.”

With 2010 barely two months away, time is essentially slipping away if the calendar has any truth to it.  What would you do if you only had two more years to live?

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