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Meek Mill Gets In Heated Debate With Pastor Behind “Amen” Boycott [LISTEN]


Meek Mill and Pastor Jomo K. Johnson are not going to be good friends anytime soon. The latter is organizing a boycott of the Philly rappers hit “Amen” single, citing it as blasphemous. Both parties called into their local radio station Hot 107.9 at the same damn time to discuss their issues with each other, but things quickly spiralled into a lot of yelling.

“The way I’m looking at it, you want to be famous, or you want some money or you trying to get your church some money,” Meek Mill told Johnson. “If you want that you could have came to me and said that or we could have had a talk about this. I’m out here feeding my family. For you to be talking about you trying to ban me—I done took 20, 30 drug dealers off the street. I’m out there passing them coats out to them kids. Where was you at?”

From here, the convo got very heated when Johnson mentioned that he “spent 25 stacks moving back into the hood” while Mill was in Miami making music.

“If you disrespect Jesus Christ and you disrespect the church, what do you think I’m going to do as a believer,” snuck in Johnson while Meek ran down things he’s done for the community like giving out Reebok sneakers to the kids. “Listen you may be meek, but I’m not. If you disrespect our God, then we have a right to proclaim that.”

How focused is Johnson on getting his point across? He’s selling a $2.99 e-book titled No Amen: Why Boycotting Meek Mill Will Help Save Hip Hop.

Listen to the full argument below.

So who do you think is wrong, or right, in this debate?


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  • 26atl


    • Black Awareness

      If so, he’ll be right there with all of you Christians and the pedofiles that you call pastors.

      • mskane808

        lmaooooooooooooooo hell yeah

  • That is sad that boy said he don’t believe in God!!! yea this world is crazy…It don’t matter what u do good deeds don’t mean anything if u don’t believe in God

    • He never said he didn’t believe in God he said that he didn’t believe in what the pastor was on the show to talk about.

      • Digga809

        Yes he did. His exact quotes are “I don’t believe in none of that stuff you talking about, so don’t even say it to me. I don’t even believe in God!”

  • Amjem03

    Tragic and sad. If you read the lyrics it is wide open. For the Pastor, I know Satan can make you mad but remember who you are and who has your back

  • koolvakat

    i read the lyrics and I think the preacher just saw the title of Meek’s song and assumed he was dissing the church. There are bigger issues for JoMo to deal with but apparently he hasn’t found the passion to tackle them.

  • Having no respect for GOD is sad I am all for making music and art but being disrepsectful to the one who makes it possible is just sad.

  • Let me start off by saying that I am not really a fan of Meek Mills but he does have a point. Out of all the times & things the pastor could’ve choose to jump on why this & why now? I have to side with Meek on this one & say that the pastor is looking for attention & picked the hottest person in Philly to gain that attention. The pastor made a big mistake or simply just wasn’t ready for this interview because for him to say that he reached out to Meek 5 months ago & “Amen” is fairly new, it just didn’t make sense.

  • mrsoffica

    Its truly sad that Meek Mills is bypassing the fact that he totally and utterly has nor respect for Christianity, let alone the church. I don’t care if he gave everybody in North Philly a brand new house and a Bentley to park in front of it. He could’ve found another way to bring controversy to his music then to disrepect the faith like that and to make excuses for it. I like his music and I am a 100% hip hop fein. But you have to keep some things sacred. And he did not do that. So for this arguement, I’m siding with the pastor on this one. Why does a pastor have to pull u to the side to tell you that you offended the church in the first place? You didn’t care what anybody thought when you wrote this song. Stop selling your souls to the Devil. He’s a wolf in sheepskin don’t ya’ll know that.

    • Rah

      I think u a hundred percent right, I fill if u don’t beleave in the Most High, and respect the laws of the lord….. He will see his total out come shead some light on him across the globe, this sitution goes further then just pastor, this has something to do with koe tongue…..!!!!

  • lightseeker357

    When “the church” is guilty of the very same things that Meek Mill mentions in his songs they really don’t have much room to judge.

  • Black Awareness

    Screw the church! What has Jesus and the church done for Black people besides pimp them? Not a damned thing. You sit here and speak of defending God. If he does exist, he doesn’t need hypocrites like you, and this pastor, to defend him. Black people, wake up and leave religion alone. It has done nothing for you but, rob you blind, of money and time!

    • mskane808

      i totally agree

    • mskane808

      to hell with JOMO JOHNSON an all these other bleep bleep preachers/pastors who use the church an the so call word to brain wash people minds. this religion thing is so overrated

  • Uncle_Rukus

    Meek is a moron who clearly doesn’t LISTEN. He’s a hot-head that thinks he knows it all and you CANNOT reason with a fool like that. That pastor wasted his time…. however good his intentions may have been. SMH.