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Super Groupie Kat Stacks Getting Deported, Deemed “Not Good For American Society”


Do you remember Kat Stacks? Do you care? For those that do, the Rap super groupie is getting deported back to her native Venezuela after spending two years in a Louisiana prison. Born Andrea Herrera, the infamous jump off’s mother, Johnyelsi Cardenas, sent out a letter revealing what her fast daughter, who in a recent interview with XXL says she has changed her ways, has been up to the last couple of years, while pleading for her release.

Cardenas says that “Andrea is a victim of underage sex Trafficking & Domestic Violence,” and detailed her life story of being solicited by a pimp at the young age of 14 and then falling into a hard life of drugs and abuse for several years. Throughout the letter, Cardenas expressed her concern for Kat’s well-being if she gets deported back to Venezuela, saying that the conditions are so bad that she wouldn’t imagine letting her daughter live there.

“Venezuela killing 20 to 30 people a day, kidnap 100 to 200 people a day, products such as pricipales milk, chicken, sugar. toilet paper, diapers etc. supermarkets spend 1 or 2 weeks without them. The electricity is removed by 4 or 8 hours daily.”

Cardenas said that the judge waited until July 2nd to reach a decision in Kat’s case, where he admitted that “Andrea is a Victim of Underage Sex Trafficking  & Domestic Violence. He agreed with what the social worker  Melinda Flynn explained . But *Kat Stacks*  that  was not good for American society.”


Kat Stacks now goes by @AdmireAndrea on Twitter, where she is also lobbying for the judge to change his decision. Being a victim of s-x trafficking is clearly nothing to joke about, but her reputation and ridiculous antics during her 15 seconds of fame make it hard to take her seriously.

Do you think Kat Stacks should be allowed to stay in the states? Let us know what you think in the comments.


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  • Deport her. She can get a student visa and go elsewhere if it’s that bad.

  • She has branded herself now. She needs to find a way to make money off of her name and get where she wants to go.

  • Deport her? thats flat out wrong to do that she didnt kill nobody so why do she need to be deported i dont thnk its fair she deserve a second chance here

  • Corey Harding

    all a sad story!!! ……. but and only for the kids sake I think they should give her one more chance!!! the judge knows he can easily put her on a strict regimen to follow and if not followed she would be deported!!! whats so hard in that!!! let her prove herself!!! and if she has spent 2 years in jail!!! she has already paid a price!!!! I think that is fair to let her stay….

  • KIAB

    AFAIC, Ms. Herrera is an AMERICAN!!! It’s like the American government expects here to cut off Her tongue and forget English, this is straight up EVIL!!!

    • Illest

      She isn’t American dumass, this is why she is subject to be deported

  • everyone deserves a second chance – we all do something wrong at some point in our lives .. to forgive is to move on… I wish nothing bad on my enemy

    (Psalm 130:3) If errors were what you watch, O Jah, O Jehovah, who could stand?

  • Illest

    Deport that idiot! It’s a privilege for her to be here not a right and she lost her privilege! Bye Kat

  • Leonard Augustin

    She may have been born in Venezuela, but Kat Stacks was MADE IN AMERICA.

  • sam

    She needs another chance. she WAS SO YOUNG. If you hear her life story its clear why her actions have been so crazy. The person i was when i was 15-21 is not who i am now and I’m only 25. PEOPLE CHANGE. i think she needs to write a book about her life, it could change the mind of that 14 year old, who is about to run away with the “love of her life” she had NO IDEA what she was getting into he was 23 or something. Her life has just been HELL. let her finish school, and help other young women!