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Nike Basketball’s 20 Designs That Changed The Game [PHOTOS]


Nike Zoom Generation, 2003

“We will design you the most comfortable basketball shoe you have ever worn.”- Aaron Cooper

How do you go about equipping a warrior for court warfare and building a lasting relationship between a brand and athlete? The Nike Zoom Generation epitomizes Nike’s hunger for athletic insights and the start of a relationship with a young phenomenon named LeBron James. LeBron requested comfort as a priority and lead designer Aaron Cooper pledged, “We will design you the most comfortable basketball shoe you have ever worn.”  This was a player who transcended Force, Flight or Uptempo and talk with the team singled out the idea of LeBron as a modern soldier. That led to a unique field boot styling and, in the quest for ultimate comfort, a soft foam was developed to form around the foot. In addition, a full-length Zoom Air, double stacked at the heel, was honed to perfection. On being handed the Zoom Generation in his size by Aaron, “LeBron put them on, jumped up about four to five times, stopped and said, ‘These are the most comfortable shoes I’ve ever worn’.” Mission accomplished.

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