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Rasheeda Tells The Breakfast Club K.Michelle Is A “Bully” & Needs To “Shut Up” [VIDEO]


Reality star, and rapper, Rasheeda paid a visit to The Breakfast Club, and made it clear that K.Michelle did not knock her out on the  Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta reunion show, as was rumored. The “Marry Me” rapper also detailed what she felt is the source of her rift with the R&B singer, besides being skeptical of actually getting physically abused by Memphitz.

“What set me off is when I said what I said to you, I said it to your face. I said the things I said based off me formulating my own opinion,” explained Rasheeda. “If I’m woman enough to come at you and say what I had to say to you in your face…  You want to go on radio shows and and blogs and interviews and you want to throw little kindergarten shots at me. ‘Oh she got bags under her eye. My only regret is a should have slapped the sh-t out of her and hit her with a one two punch.’ All of those things behind my back, it’s like what are you? Oh, you’re a bully and you need to shut up.”

Rasheeda went on to say that she tried to formulate her own opinion about K.Michelle despite everyone saying she was “crazy.” The ATL rapper’s husband, Kirk Frost, also gets a bunch of mic time, explaining why his wife’s video release party was struggle (it got packed later) and why he looked kind of soft [||] on television (editing). There is also plenty of info on Rasheeda’s success as an independent artist.

Watch the full interview below.


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  • MillerGirl

    I don’t have any dislike towards Rasheeda, but when she says she didn’t have any misconceived notions about K. Michelle, I think she’s lying. If ur as close to Toya & Memphitz as u say u are, u can’t help but feel a certain way about K. bcuz she’s accusing ur friend of the ultimate sin.
    In my opinion I believe K. is being truthful. For Memphitz not to sue her for slander or defamation tells me a lot. His livelihood & reputation as a man & business man is being attacked. Instead, he threatened to sue her if she said his name on the show. Is he serious? Everyone already knows who shes talking about.
    Abusive men are two people. They are con artists. Toya, Rasheeda & Kirk haven’t seen that side of him bcuz he knows Toya has brothers & loved ones who would not hesitate to put dem paws on him, lol.
    K. Michelle story hasn’t changed one word since she told her story, but Memphitz has a differ story always. No one knew what that woman went thru. For peeps to call her a liar & crazy & say she’s bi- polar is unfair. No one hurts that much for no reason