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Bus Driver Drops 15 Year-Old Girl With An Epic Uppercut Fade [VIDEO]


UPDATE: The name of the “victim” is Shi’dea Lane and she is actually 25-year-old. Read what she says about the incident, and her shout out to Mortal Kombat, here.


A bus driver in Cleveland, Ohio got into a verbal dispute with a reportedly 15-year-old girl that ended with the teen getting her chin checked with an uppercut. Why the two were squabbling is unknown, but a video posted online (on World Star Hip-Hop, of course) shows the teen and the bus driver arguing back and forth. 

After trading barbs (the girl said she would beat his momma, he said she looked like “someone done sliced your face up”) the teen then take a swing at the bus driver. At this point, the bus driver slowly gets up, squares up, drops his right shoulder and proceeds to thrown and land a swift uppercut to the girl’s chin. The impact of the blow is clearly heard and then the bus driver is seen grabbing what we assume is the girl’s pink jacket and attempting to toss it out the door. Despite getting rocked, homegirl got up and tried to scrap, with the bus driver attempting to wrestle her off the bus.

On the one hand, the young lady clearly appeared to be out of pocket. However, a grown man laying his hands on what is essentially a child, no matter how ratchet, is a no go. Fox News (see vid on the next page) reports that the bus driver has been removed from the route. It’s a safe bet that he will be fired and likely charged with assault, unless he can afford a great lawyer.

The moral of this story; tet bus driver’s do their job, you never know what is going to make a person snap. Of course, people have already started adding Street Fight II audio to the video. You can peep the full video below.

UPDATE: As expected, the still unnamed bus driver has been fired.


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  • Vonn

    She should learn to keep her hands to herself. I will layout anyone that assaults me, anyone.

  • Is there anywhere we can contribute toward the bus driver’s legal costs?

  • Daaaaaaaammmmnnnnn!!!!!!!!!!!

  • andrew

    good for him!!!!!

  • anon

    She isn’t 15. She’s 25. Get your facts straight.

  • DC

    This was a 25 year old woman acting 15.

  • G-Tech

    Bus driver’s in the right. I’m willing to help him out however possible.

  • jobi

    he was wrong too too excessive man he couldnt do anything else what a waste of a grown man your forefathers will be so disappointed

  • Bagel Rodriguez

    I hope someone finds out where she lives and deliver a butt-whooping (or worse if you can… you got my permission) of a lifetime for getting him fired. Loud-bigmouth-cursing biatches deserved that and more. You can tell she didn’t learned her lesson and continued to talk and punch back… so she needs another reminder that you WILL get treated likewise. I’d could deliver it myself, but I am in another State. To ad insult, the transit system apologized and fired the driver. I said boycott the transit system until he gets re-instated with full pay, retro, and with a written apology for doing what we ALL wanted to do one time or another to similar “people”. No guts, just Glory!!!!

  • Mike

    She’s not 15, that was a 25 year old women that needs to learn to keep her hands to her self and respect people!!