The Baltimore Ravens have confirmed that they have severed ties with Earl Thomas. On Sunday, August 23 the team tweeted he was cut for what they deemed poor "personal conduct".

Hip-Hop's most hated media personality has apparently been shown the door. Akademiks is saying he has been fired from his talk show. 

Three officers went to the site of the memorial to take the offensive photo, sending it to one of their colleagues who replied with laughter.

Grand opening, grand closing. It is clear one of Rap’s greatest groups is experiencing inner turmoil.

Kanye West is making the circle around him even smaller. He has recently parted ways with his manager of eight years.

Unfortunately, despite getting fired from her White House weed carrier gig a couple of days ago, Omarosa Manigault is still part of the news cycle. After getting shaded something awful by Robin Roberts, the former The Apprentice star said it’s a “Black Woman Civil War.”


Edward Jones was fired from his gig as a tenured professor at Alabama A&M after he was allegedly spotted on video engaging in sex acts with students. Not that it matters, but a salacious detail is that they were gay sex acts, too. 

An Ohio band teacher resigned after word got out that her sidehustle was porn. Apparently that’s frowned upon in most school systems. 

The Los Angeles Lakers‘ struggles seem far from over. According to multiple sources, Kobe Bryant does not want Mike D’Antoni to return as the team’s coach.

Nicki Minaj’s run as a judge on American Idol is about to be over. Reportedly, the YMCMB Barbie’s first season on the reality talent show will also be her last. 

It has not been a good week for music media properties. AOL Music was shuttered today (April 26) and it’s entire staff has been laid off.

It was only a matter of time. Rutgers University men’s basketball coach Mike Rice was fired today after video of him verbally and physically abusing his players was released yesterday.