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Edward Jones was fired from his gig as a tenured professor at Alabama A&M after he was allegedly spotted on video engaging in sex acts with students. Not that it matters, but a salacious detail is that they were gay sex acts, too. 


Alabama A&M University fired a tenured professor in March after the school discovered videos of him participating in sexual activity with two students on campus, according to court documents.

The school severed ties with Edward Jones, who has worked more than 20 years at Alabama A&M. Most recently, he worked as director of Office of Teacher Education and Certification.

According to court documents filed in federal court by Alabama A&M, videos of Jones were discovered on a school laptop that recorded the professor in three sex acts, including twice having oral sex with two different male students. All three instances occurred on the Alabama A&M campus, the school said.

This is definitely not what parents send their kids to college to engage in, with their professors.

Jones sued Alabama A&M after they started the proceeding to have him terminated, citing years of harassment.

Reportedly, the videos were on a school laptop found in Jones home during the execution of a search warrant.

The school initially moved to fired Jones after sexually-graphic photos were allegedly found on his work computer.

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