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The Struggle Files: Wyclef Jean, Haitian Themed Man Panties & So Many Questions [PHOTO]


Wyclef Jean is a man with no chill. After his Yele Foundation got a skewering due to suspect financial issues courtesy of the New York Times, you think the Fugees rapper/singer would play the background for a bit, right? Nope. Today, the preacher’s son announced his birthday by going to Twitter and sharing a photo of him astride a Ducati motorcycle while wearing nothing but man panties and a struggle face.

“TODAY I AM 43 YEARS OLD! I look And feel 26! U cant keep à good Man down! Keep à smile when they want you to frown!,” tweeted the “Gon’ Til November” rapper. The photo leads to so many questions, where do we begin? How about…

Who took this photo?

Wyclef, do you have any real friends?

Why does it look like you put baby oil on your chest, yet your legs are looking type ashy?

Why in seven hells would you be barefoot on a motorbike b?

Are those pumps in a bump Speedos Haitian colored?

Is this why Lauryn Hill has always been cool on a proper Fugees reunion?

As Barack Obama would say, Wyclef, this photo is offensive.


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Photo: Twitter

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  • Tha Mad Rapper

    I have a question for the writer of this lame story, go find Wyclef and say all this to his face!

  • Nenah

    I hope his wife didn’t support this bs by taking this pic! Ya boy done lost it!

  • Vandellish

    Just like any regular Jill or Joe putting pix out on the web seeking approval. As he said he wants to show that he’s still got it. These type of pix seem to be meant to procure future freakin episodes for dudes like Clef, even if he says that’s not what it is.
    Happy Hunting Clef

  • only1princess10

    Stupid questions….It’s raining out… He has a great body, he tweet pics like everyone else!!!!

  • track zone

    dat’s right

  • I’m happy to say that I’ve never heard of it.

  • correcthem when they wrong

    yeah, sounds like the writer is a hater and tryin to find someone he can have join him on his hate wagon get a life kid

  • nodouchbagsallowed

    looks gay to me

    • Teammm

      which is good for me

  • Mia Mama

    He looks good to me. You will also notice an abundance of FEMALE celebrities with their cakes and biscuits on display. So why not serve tasty male/females meals to everyone?

  • Billy Elliott

    are we still in this phase of our evolution as a ppl that weak-minded,
    mostly UNeducated ‘street’ ppl hate on a dude cuz of a speedo…i
    wonder if he has had the opportunity to venture outside of the
    country…in the immortal words of Busta – DO THA KNOWLEDGE!!! that
    mentality is just sooooo ’70s