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The Afro Struggle aka A Timeline Of What In Thee F-ck Is Up With Andrew Bynum’s Hair? [PHOTOS]


Philadelphia Sixers center Andrew Bynum is a man that clearly gives no f-cks about what you think about him. That is the only way to explain what son is doing with his wig.

When he was a fresh-faced teen and new to the NBA, you could catch the New Jersey native rocking a crispy Caesar. Now a grizzled veteran of seven seasons, with balky knees to prove it, 25-year-old Bynum is expressing himself via the crown of struggle on top of his head. The strives Frederick Douglass made, and the myriad of hair care products invented since his days, did not pave the way for you to sport a crusty mane, sir.

After last night’s debacle that saw Bynum looking like a tall Blanka from Street Fighter II while sitting court-side at the Sixers vs. Pistons game, we had to make a gallery of some of his most outrageous hair moments. Actually, the one flick with the afro pick is pretty fresh.

But that’s about it. See for yourself in the flip.


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  • Chris

    Okay, I laughed at the Modd Deep quote. Well done.

  • Meelah

    It’s like a time line showing him slowly losing his mind.

  • michezulu

    I’m in tears. The ceasar is the best.

  • TDR25_Forever

    The only thing I could think of seeing that silly Negro with that mushroom top is him being the Incredible Hulk TV show from the 1980’s.

  • Could be called 12 Steps To Senility…