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Katt Williams Performs Only 1 Of 2-Night Seattle Gig, Allegedly Hits Fan With A Mic


At least he’s consistent.

Katt Williams is moving along swiftly in his attempt to irritate and confuse as many of his fans as possible. Williams was billed to appear at Seattle’s Paramount Theatre Thursday (Nov. 29), the first of a two-night engagement.

He decided to skip the gig instead.

In his absence, several openings acts, including comedian John Whitherspoon, performed for the anxious crowd. The show’s MC claimed that Williams was in the building, only to re-announce, more than three hours later, that he had been pulled over by police on his way to the venue. Other reports allege that Williams was in fact at the location but was too high to perform.

Fans from night one have been offered refunds.

In a small show of redemption the comedian made it to night two Friday (Nov. 30), but was unable to finish his jokes, changed clothes on stage, and hit a fan in the head with a mic. Nonetheless, he was amusing. “Katt Williams just showed up on stage and lit sumin. Now he’s hidden and all you can see is his feet. At least he’s here LOL,” tweeted someone from the show.

As he makes his way around the country, Williams has gone through an almost nightly headline-grabbing event which usually commences with him in cuffs.

In addition to his mounting reputation for erratic behavior, he is also facing several suits, the most recent of which is a class action lawsuit filed after his show in Oakland, Calif., ended in 10 minutes. He also led police on a pursuit as he rode a 3-wheeler in Sacramento a couple of weeks ago, and slapped a Target employee.

His comedy tour is scheduled to hit the likes of Houston, Alabama, and New Orleans in the coming week.


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  • someone needs to help him before he self destructs

  • Anyone that actually spends money to see Katt Williams perform deserves whatever they get. I rented a DVD of one of his performances a couple of years ago. I’m hardly a prude but all I have to say is that if you find constant repetition of the “N” and “F” words over and over again, mindlessly to be funny, then you will like Katt Williams. Personally, I think he’s a waste of the air he breathes.

    • bc

      Comedy appeal carries over to many different variations of appeal. So, some of us who feel that repetitive type of comedy tends to water down the performance, at the same time, people need to respect who he appeals to and who he doesn’t. So, those N and F bombs are unappealing to people, even to me and I’m a black man, but for those who somehow identify with his form of comedy, we can’t take that away from them, just because we disagree with that form.

    • UaintNoplaya

      You’d have to have the right sense of humor to appreciate his comedy. It sounds like you are too much of a hater to understand anything really though, have fun.

    • That’s your opinon…that I donot share.

  • bc

    Many in the entertainment industry would consider these stunts as career ending, but yet genius. Grabbing headlines can boost the popularity of someone’s career, while appealing to many of his fans. People need to understand that there are several different forms of comedy and if you don’t like that form, then don’t watch. I personally have found him funny at times, but it seems now I kinda don’t. I like him because he keeps it real, which I don’t agree with his actions, he’s not fake about his personal persona in public, which is really rare from famous people. Regardless of some of the stupid acts famous people do, such as his lately, he still carries a hugh following of fans who respect his craft.

  • This guy has been on the verge for about 7 months, big time. He is going into meltdown
    mode. I have seen his act, I’d like to watch him implode the rest of the way.


      Katt williams can be hilareious when he want’s to be. But Katt what the hell Man!! what happened to class. Have some for your fans even if they don’t deserve it, have some for yourself and the art that your in. We all the hatters are there and to have hatters means that your shi–was on point Bring back the class!!!!!!


    I went to friday nights show…….worst comedy show id ever seen. He has no respect for his fans or his fellow comedians. His opening acts seemed imbarassed to be associated with him. Hes a crook and scammed us all out of our hard earned money. He should just ask for everyones money instead of scamming us if he needs it that bad. Lost all respect for him. DONT WASTE YOUR MONEY!

    • UaintNoplaya

      Really? Did he steal your wallet? You chose to buy tickets, sh!t happens… At least he came to the Friday show, could have been worse- like Thursday. Now that you may have witnessed his last performance ever, do you still feel ripped off? You should be grateful you have money to go out and have fun at all! PS- your government scams money from you daily, and they also ask for it, and they give the worst performance ever seen too. You have bigger things to worry about

    • You should have known the job was dangerous when you took it!!!


    He literally did not tell one joke. Hes the biggest joke in the comedy biz. All he does is walk around stage smoking cigaretts changing cloths. Shaking like a crack head

  • comeon

    this may sound like an unfair way to view things, but if you’re so damn small, you really need to stop testing so many people. After all these incidents, its a statistical certainty that very soon one person’s going to get fed up with his bs and lay him out in the middle of the street. It just isn’t smart to piss regular sized people off when all it takes is one kinda angry one to end you.

    • UaintNoplaya

      People can be ‘ended’ no matter what size they are, by anyone of any size… intelligence, reaction and intuition keep you alive…. I just increased your IQ from 65 to 68 with that statement, you are welcome.

    • Don’t get it twisted, Katt is surounded by bodyuards…Beieve that!!!

  • Bjorn Holland

    Seems that Katt can’t stop going downhill. In his comedy acts, I do see some stuff funny and other very dry. His comedy acts is like watching a 5 year old who don’t watch what they’re saying or doing, then get in trouble for it. This is something Katt Williams can stop, but it feels like he is having way to much fun going around making people angry. People need to also understand that that is the true Katt Williams and there might be drama, disappointments, Rap, and over the line speaking followed by him starting a fight with someone who paid to see him. If your comedy type is not the ignorant black stereotypical comedian than Katt is not your guy to watch.

  • lightskin

    Katt Williams is having a public break down…he needs helps before he self destructs.

  • lightskin

    I think he’s on drugs!

    • Everybody know’s tht he smoke weed, he never tried to hide the fact…tell us something we don’t know!!!

  • LarryLurex70

    Where were all you people complaining about “erratic behaviour” when Charlie Sheen was “winning” with his 15 minutes a year or so ago, hmm?

    • UaintNoplaya

      I know right? Katt just needs a catchy word or phrase for all the sheeple, then they’ll accept him! Lol

  • Katt Williams is really losing it. He came to Denver last month on that same BS……I’m still trying to get my money back from the fiasco…..Not cool