Producer and multi-instrumentalist Chong The Nomad has been perfecting a vivid, lo-fi musical style for years and now, the Seattle-based rising star has unveiled an incredibly dope original track. Using various sounds sampled from an airplane, Chong has partnered with Singapore Airlines for quite the unique concept.

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Walking around with a Nazi armband just may get you punched in the face, and knocked the f*ck out. That's exactly what happened to a white supremacist in Seattle.


Chris Cornell, the frontman, and guitarist for Seattle Grunge band Soundgarden has died at the age of 52. Reps for Cornell say that the family is shocked by his death, and police in Detroit are investigating the matter as an apparent suicide although an official report has yet to surface.


Just in time for your hopefully relaxed weekend, Seattle natives Dave B and Sango have united to bring you Tomorrow.

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In July of 2014, white Seattle police officer Cynthia Whitlatch was inappropriately aggressive and unnecessarily escalated the interaction between herself and a 69-year-old Black man named William Wingate, who was holding a golf club like a cane.


A Seattle woman was arrested and charged in a 2013 sex attack where she raped a man as he slept in his bed. Chantae Gilman, a mother of three, will serve nine months in jail and will be nationally registered as a sex offender.


The recent police-related shooting deaths of Walter Scott and Eric Harris has bolstered an already simmering movement decrying police brutality across the nation. In New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, and Oakland, reports have come in from various news outlets of arrests regarding the protests.

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The rap world still won’t let Macklemore get away with winning anything. Earlier today, Billboard named “Thrift Shop” the top rap single of all time, the backlash was pretty epic, and it’s still going strong.

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Kanye West rapped that he made “Jesus Walks” so he’s never going to hell on The Throne’s “Otis.” However, it couldn’t stop the first show of the Yeezy Tour in Seattle on Saturday night (Oct. 19) from starting two hours late. Yeezy did bring out a fake Jesus, though. 


As Seattle rapper Macklemore approaches platinum status with his independent album, The Heist with producer Ryan Lewis, so grows the list of critics unsure what to make of the rising star. In a revealing interview, however, the “Thrift Shop” artist says that his meteoric success would not have happened if he were black.

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While the rest of the country was busy pushing for the re-election of President Barack Obama, voters in the states of Colorado and Washington pulled the lever in favor of a new measure that sought to decriminalize and regulate the possession of marijuana. Now with weed becoming legal in the sprawling state of Washington, another […]


Good news, Katt Williams has opted to continue to wreak havoc all over the nation. Days after announcing his retirement he’s had a change of heart, and just in time to face more criminal charges, this time over a fight inside a Seattle bar.