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Walking around with a Nazi armband just may get you punched in the face, and knocked the f*ck out. That’s exactly what happened to a white supremacist in Seattle.

Reports Raw Story:

A man who walked around Seattle wearing a Nazi armband got punched in the face after he allegedly harassed a black passenger on a bus.

BuzzFeed reports that the unidentified Nazi was first spotted riding on a bus, where witnesses say he was harassing a black passenger. From there, anti-fascist activists used social media to track the man’s whereabouts, and he was eventually spotted on a street corner in the downtown area.

While there, he got into a confrontation with unidentified people who objected to him walking around wearing a Nazi arm band. At one point, one man punched the neo-Nazi directly in the face, which knocked him onto the sidewalk.

Of course, the video has made it onto World Star.

For the record, we don’t condone such acts of, let’s call it vigilantism. However, a Nazi catching a proper fade will never get any sympathy over this way.

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