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The recent police-related shooting deaths of Walter Scott and Eric Harris has bolstered an already simmering movement decrying police brutality across the nation. In New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, and Oakland, reports have come in from various news outlets of arrests regarding the protests.

CBS New York reported that a group of protestors from the National Actions to Stop Murder by Police group gathered in Union Square on Tuesday (April 14). The group claims more than 90 unarmed persons have been killed at the hands of the police since the new year and want to bring awareness to the Scott and Harris cases. The group also marched in memoriam to late Staten Island man Eric Garner and slain Ferguson teen Michael “Mike” Brown.

The protests were said to be part of the #ShutDownA14 movement called by Professor Cornel West and other leaders of the Stop Mass Incarceration Network.

The group marched towards the Brooklyn Bridge during the evening rush, allegedly throwing objects from the bridge and obstructing traffic. Allegedly, two officers were assaulted by group protesters say police were excessive with their crowd control methods. CBS New York reported that 22 people were arrested by the end of the march. The group eventually made its final rally at the 75th Precinct in East New York. Police have not made any arrests in the alleged assaults.

In Chicago, around 200 people gathered at Daley Center Plaza Tuesday afternoon according to the Chicago Sun-Times. The protest was aimed at police shootings of unarmed Black men and urged people to leave work and school. Chicago police arrested five people for obstructing traffic.

Arrests were also made at Seattle’s Westlake Park where 15 people were taken in. In Oakland, six people were arrested for actions on the Bay Bridge.

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