Pastor Who Called For President Obama’s Death Has Change of Heart…Kind Of


Pastor Steven L. Anderson of Tempe, Arizona is the hottest thing to come from the southwest since the scorched remains of “little” John Bobbit was recovered along the desert interstate. Presiding over Faithful Word Baptist Church, the inflammatory preacher whom once called for President Obama’s death via brain cancer “like Ted Kennedy” is now back tracking in favor of a more indirect route, morally “decent” route for the President’s demise.

Now citing divine authority, the misguided moron and not-so closet racist now says that God hates President Obama and that God would not judge anyone if they were to kill him. He joins an exclusive club of Obama haters that hide behind the cloth and in pulpits, of which, distinguished members include Reverend Jesse Lee Peterson and Pastor James David Manning.

Unequivocally, all are assholes.

Pastor Steven L. Anderson

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