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Girl Buried Alive For Talking To Boys


Police in Turkey have discovered the body of a 16-year-old girl they believe was buried alive by her family in an “honor killing” for talking to boys.

After receiving an anonymous tip, authorities discovered the body under a chicken pen with large amounts of soil in the stomach and lungs indicating the girl had been buried alive.

They girl complained to authorities two months before about being beaten by her grandfather for talking to boys.

The girl had no bruises and no harmful substances in her body and was fully conscious during the live burial.

Her family had previously reported her missing.

Police have arrested her mother, father and grandfather.

Police estimate that at least 200 “honor” killings occur in Turkey every year, accounting for almost half of the murders in the country.

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  • Ashy808

    Wtf is dis world coming to? Seriously these so called honor death is so over the top it sicken me!! How u just kill someone in ur household over dumb stuff like thar itz mind blogging!!

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  • sheree

    Nothing honorable about that.

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  • http://lianamerlo.wordpress.com lianamerlo

    This is really really sad, I’ve never heard about this being such a problem in Turkey. That last fact that honor killings account for half of the murders in the country is unbelievable.