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NBA Hall of Famer Says Lebron James’ Mother & Delonte West Rumor Is “Absolutely True” [Audio]


An NBA Hall of Famer is confirming the reported relationship between the mother of Lebron James and fellow Cleveland Cavalier Delonte West saying that the rumors are “absolutely true.”

As previously reported rumors swirled last week that James’ poor performance in the Eastern Conference semifinals was because he heard that his mother was having a sexual relationship with his teammate.

He has since denied those claims through his lawyer who’s spoken out to call them “rubbish”, “defamatory” and “categorically false.”

Unfortunately for King James however, the scandal’s picking up steam now that Hall of Famer Calvin Murphy is commenting on the issue.

Murphy, a former player for the Houston Rockets, appeared on ESPN radio and when asked his opinion on the scandal he candidly said,

“It ain’t no rumor. Unfortunately my sources in the NBA tell me that it’s absolutely true. My sources…and they’re legit tell me that the only people who didn’t know what was happening were Lebron and me…I could not imagine me being in that situation and him still being on my team because one of us is going to be dead and the other one’s going to be in jail. No question about it…they was doing the horizontal pokey.”

Calvin Murphy

Murphy previously went to trial in 2004 for allegedly sexually abusing five of his 14 daughters and was acquitted of all charges.

Listen to the NBA Hall of Famer comment on King James’ dilemma below.

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  • aleximaq

    Wow!!!!! That is all I have to say….if this is true, which I had hoped it was not then I look forward to seeing LeBron next year in Chicago…hopefully he and Joekim Noah can get along a little bit better….:)

  • kimmy

    Why is Lebrons and his lawyer speaking out on this? Hey Mom you can come clean now! playoffs for the CAVS are over!!!

  • david

    this is simply ridiculous…….

  • Frank Davis

    It’s simply amazing!!!

  • Expected Game 1 beating from the Lakers. 3 wins more for championship. Black Mamba for real MVP!!

  • Maybe that is why they just traded Delonte to Minnesota.

  • Of someone of this caliber why on earth would he want to sleep with someone that old!?
    He could easily have gotten models!
    Guess he thinks there’s a perceived amount of status from sleeping with Lebron James’ mom.