Delonte West

Delonte West, a former player in the NBA, was arrested in Virginia and is currently facing up to four charges.

Delonte West was allegedly seen panhandling in the Washington Metropolitan Area in the region's Northern Virginia section.

Things were looking up for Delonte West, but it looks like he is back on hard times.

According to a new report, West is apparently thriving as well as one can during the grueling process.

West, a promising guard from the Washington, D.C. area, has fallen on hard times over the years

Delonte West and his struggles in the wake of his NBA career are well documented, and a recent video of a street fight in his Prince George’s County, Md. went viral, prompting a call for support. A county police officer who reportedly filmed the event and didn’t intervene has been suspended pending an investigation according […]

Delonte West is once again in the news but not for anything related to basketball but instead his personal woes much to the dismay of many. Video footage of the former NBA star getting beaten in the street and also arrested in another clip has sparked discussion online that the Washington, D.C. area native is […]

The blogs and media sites were ablaze with chatter and slander after news that struggle champion Delonte West was spotted in Maryland asking for change at a busy intersection. After a while, West shot down the rumors but it was an understandable assumption given the former NBA player’s issues of late.

A couple of weeks ago, former NBA guard Delonte West was spotted barefoot in Houston. It turns out that West had been given the wrong medication at a treatment facility for his mental illness and began hallucinating. 

All jokes aside, Delonte West is probably off his meds. The former NBA star, who has battled mental health issues in the past, was spotted in Houston, Texas—barefoot. 

Delonte West, the mercurial basketball player who once played alongside LeBron James, took shots at his former teammate via Instagram in recent days. West, who last played in the NBA’s D-Leauge, apparently has bad blood with the Cleveland Cavaliers superstar and even placed James’ mother in the path of the jab.