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The blogs and media sites were ablaze with chatter and slander after news that struggle champion Delonte West was spotted in Maryland asking for change at a busy intersection. After a while, West shot down the rumors but it was an understandable assumption given the former NBA player’s issues of late.

According to the folks at Bro Bible, it appears that West might have been the victim of a photo snipe catching him in a precarious position. Twitter user @JJ_RipCuba posted a now-deleted photo this past Sunday of West with the caption reading, “Let’s Pray For Delonte West Y’all He Bipolar And On St.Barnabas Road Bumming Smh He Ain’t Taking His Medicine.”

For those not in the know, St. Barnabas Road is a thoroughfare that runs through West’s native Prince George’s County in Maryland. And to use the vernacular of the so-called DMV (District, Maryland and Virgina) area, JJ might have “siced'” (aka to exaggerate) the photo for retweets and jokes.

MTO News reports:

Former NBA star Delonte West was spotted on the side of the road, carrying a sign and allegedly asking for money for help. People on social media were saying that Delonte is now homeless.

Well that couldn’t be FURTHER from the truth. Here’s Delonte’s own words describing what happened:

i was helping a homeless man in my neighborhood that’s paralyzed from neck down. I parked my car and got out to help because it was 90 degree weather and i was feeling blessed at the moment for just having legs.

Truth be told it could go either way because of the individual in question but until he goes in front of a camera and reveals his financial state to the world, nobody will ever know.


Photo: Twitter