Jay-Z Puts Illuminati And Devil Worshiping Talk To Rest On New Rick Ross Track "Free Mason" [Audio]

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rick-ross-jay-z-trilla Jay-Z lets it be known that he hears all the talk about him being part ...

Jay-Z lets it be known that he hears all the talk about him being part of  the Illuminati and worshiping the devil and addresses it on  Rick Ross' new track "Free Mason" from The Boss' upcoming album Teflon Don.

Hear What Jigga Has To Say After The Break!!! [More]

Since the release of Blueprint III, talk has been rampant about him being part of secret societies and religious organizations and the release of his video "On To The Next One" only added fuel to the fire with its dark images and tone.

Never ducking a punch, Jay airs out his grievances on the track and rhymes,

"Nig*as couldn't do nothing with me, they put the devil on me/ I would have preferred nig#as squeeze the metal on me/ Rumors of Lucifer, I don't know who to trust/ The whole world wants my demise, turn the music up.

Hear me clearly if y'all nig%as fear me, just say y'all fear me/ Fu*k all these fairy tales/ Go to hell, this is God engineering/ This is a hail mary pass ya'll interfering"

He without sin shall cast the first stone so check ya'll look in the mirror and double check ya'll parents

I said I was amazing/ Not that I'm a Mason"

Hov then goes on to say:

"I'm on my 3rd 6 but a devil I'm not/ My Jesus piece flooded but though shall not covet keep your eyes off of my cupboard/ I'm a bad mother Focker its hov just say you love it."

Ross' Teflon Don drops on June 20th.  Peep the track and let us know what you think?

"Free Mason"  - Rick Ross feat. Jay-Z and John Legend

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  • james H

    He's still a mason. Secondly, he didnt say double check yall parents. He said DOUble check yall appearance.

    and lastly. 1st!!!

  • joe

    This Jay said "check your appearance" not "parents...lol!

    • rider2399

      alright people need to calm down, the only reason jay-z is using hand signals and twisting words like that is to make people go crazy and listen to what he says, like he said he's an entertainer so he has to do what ever to get heard, its idiots that are misled by such things and those people are the ones who start rumors and try to prove it with "evidence" thats not even evidence, im sure a big rapper like hova would come right out and say that he was an elite, on because he's been known to stay true with everyone, so stop with all the rumors and stop claiming he's an elite......... P.S. the Freemasons ARE NOT the same as the illuminati.... the illuminati ideas were heavily based on the Freemasons but they are by no means the same thing

  • nicky barnes

    "I'm on my 3rd 6 " Sounds like a conformation to me, not a denial... And as long as he's 'J-Hova' he is opposite of Christ-like...

    • UkFunkY

      well said nicky barnes.



      • Delano

        This dude is so A Free Mason.

        And it's not about one's wealth to become a true Elite. Remember Bill Clinton and his wife were homeless before the White House. LOL, now they're worth $150 million+!

        Masonry is everywhere. Everyone is involved. Everyone is. All of our beliefs whether Islam, Buddha or Christ is influence by Elites. It's always been that way. If they controlled the world in the past, what makes people think they don't now?!?!

  • muzzik♪_❤’er

    @nicky barnes, I agree..I was thinking the same thing!..

    (Follow me on Twitter, @Muzzik_Luvvah20 !!)

  • killuminati

    I agree "3rd 6... but a devil I'm not" well jayz we no ur not a devil... You just worship the devil! N he said he not a "mason" but never said he not a "free-mason" those r 2 totally different things..smh

  • BobTyranT

    Guilty as charged all week! I'm not impressed or unconvinced, dat ni*** know wut he doin, one minute he down tha next he wanna act brand new! We ain't stupid Hov! Don't play wit me! If it looks like a snake, crawls like a snake, itz a d*** snake PERIOD!

    • alkapone


      You a clown just because the pyramids were made before Christ walked the earth means nothing. There was still God and Satan. The pyramids and ppl that made them had to get here somehow.

      And if you worship the devil you have to be concious of God because he is your arch enemy. The devil is a fallen angel he believes in God just as much as he does himself.

      Devil worshippers would call Satan their God wouldn that make sense. I mean Jay-z said he doesnt believe in God yet he said God engineered the track. Who you think he was talkin bout.

      Run this town: "Return of thee god Peace God"

      It is no doubt that jay-z is suspect to his own lyrics

    • DBaby

      To all those who keep saying to just leave j-z alone, Could you if you have children begging to listen to his evil with their friends? How do you think that the devil ever tricked anyone? You think he just started killing ppl straight out the gate? No. He wants ppl to give up their souls to him so he does it by tricking them, like "Eve" with the "apple". Then "Eve" (J-z, Beyonce, Jack Black, or whoever it may be that satan is using at the moment) is free to possibly teach others the ways of satan so that he gains a foot hold in OUR society. Right here right now TODAY. In the bible there is a LIMITED number of ppl that will go to heaven. All the rest will go to hell due to BEING LEAD ASTRAY, or LEADING PEOPLE ASTRAY. I would love to be in that number when the saints go marchin in!! Amen

    • mac

      People who worship Satan call him god, b/c he is THEIR god!
      Rick Ross' entire verse was an ode to Masonry, so how can anyone say that Jay-Z is absolved from Masonry? If I got on a track w/Bin Laden after he talked about blowing up a city, would that excuse me from terrorism? Pay attention next time!

      If you're not living for GOD, you're living for Satan. Simple and plain. There's not half-in, half-out. You can't be a cat and a dog at the same time. He can think and worship whatever he wants, but unless he turns and puts his trust in the Father (not satan), he and everyone else are setting themselves up for a rude eternity.

    • Gotta Be Kiddin’ Me

      @Rex Obviate,
      "Know Your Roots" bruh! You got it right about Horus, kudos on that. Take a listen to Jay-Z referring to "the original three." That's Horus, Isis and Osiris - the un-holy trinity. Clearly devil worship.....

      There's so much to be said on this topic that it literally takes hours, but the truth of the matter is the whole industry is based on this deception. That was the plan. Why do you think so many artists look up to Alister Crowley??? "Do What Thou Wilt" was his thing - Jay-Z rocks a shirt with that on it!!! Wake up! Christians may be the main ones on the attack about this, but the powers that be in the industry make it easy when they lace everything with their satanic rituals and lyrics.

      One last point - every wonder why so many songs reference the year 1969??? Look up the history on the church of Satan and you'll see. You don't have to be a Christian, but please open your eyes to the fact that if you partake in this entertainment industry, you are being bombarded with a religious system based on Lucifer whether you like it or whether you know it. An atheist wouldn't sit through Christian programming, so if you're not a Luciferian, why would you sit through theirs???

  • lotto-milli




  • Denise

    I still believe that Jay, B, Riri, Gaga, etc. all part of illuminati. The code is for them never to admit it or say that they believe in God.

  • Syd

    Better the devil you know than The God you dont know,
    the modern day church z worse...Let God Judge.

  • shazlo

    i can't jurge u man all i believe in is one day the truth will be revealed..cos i see no reason why humans will have to serve the devil just because they want fame that is stupid very stupid and at the end u die in the name of being a legend and short life...must u be famous with the hand of devil involved?why telling jesus christ to go to hell that he can't make u who u want to be?anyways the choice is urs as for me and my house hold we must make heaven...

  • Gorgeous

    All I can say is...If you not a Mason or don't understand it then you should not judge...knowledge is power!!!!!....& second the media makes you think what they want!!!
    For example, When Kanye said, George Bush don't like BLACK people that's all the media kept replaying...but not the reason why Kanye said what he said, because of the tragic hurricane but that wasnt what media kept replaying!!!!
    My point is that the media will put bits & pieces together just for peoples attention to judge on their view & you guys are doing such as being followers...So the question is are you guys being followers & becoming so in depth with the devil this much???????????.......The bible states, thou shall not be judged for ye will be judged!!!

    • kiara

      Jay wasn't denying it. hes been talking about the secret society for years. it's just that we as people tend to bob to a best before we listen to the lyrics. Great rapper or not if we buy an album or purchase tickets to see him its like supposrting his beliefs b 1 too many times he has dissed god. ex. We go broads over here they at the table with a bunch of men: the last supper. In a 90s song with memphis bleek he saids.. its a secrect society all we ask is trust. then in empire state of mind he saids jesus cant save u life starts when the church ends. come on i was a jay fan too unti l i found out the truth.

  • reena

    I totally agree with you ^^^^^^^^^^^ Shazlo the only one making any sense on this page sheesh

  • kingsley

    all yall are stupid ith believing this b.s. is all I can say.. So when RUN DMC blew up or NWA and dr. dre were also part of the illuminati.. pac was too huh...

  • Anita

    Lol ok does he think we are that dumb! look at what he said "I'm on my 3rd 6 but a devil I'm not" lol woww ok and i was born yesterday! what is wrong with these people...anyways they cannot admit what they or they will lose most of their fans.

  • Wisdom is the prin*****l thing

    Still believe it. Not convinced. Big part of it is dumbing down the m*****es and never admitting the the truth but sending sybliminal messages.

    We need to keep our eyes wide open. Tired of people saying that people who beleive it is dumb or ignorant for not believing it.

    Same can be said that those WHO DO NOT believe are dumb and ingorant. The signs are right before your eyes.

  • Wisdom is the prin*****l thing

    Still believe it. Not convinced. Big part of it is dumbing down the m*****es and never admitting the the truth but sending sybliminal messages.

    We need to keep our eyes wide open. Tired of people saying that people who beleive it is dumb or ignorant for believing it.

    Same can be said that those WHO DO NOT believe are dumb and ingorant. The signs are right before your eyes.

  • Star

    Gotta have the bad with the good. Don't be a sucker.

  • Cason

    I just think jayz is too *****y, money have him really acting with his nose in the sky. I really don't know how beyonce puts up with it,there probably are times where she wants out but know that's not going happen.We wont ever know the truth but if he isn't apart of the pack he sure is acting like it. Peoplw dont know you cannot play around with stuff like that.

  • Dumb

    You all must be 10. I mean really. Every artist that gets "too big" in the public eye and doesn't have naked hoes,cars,watches,rings,clubs in the video is "out of pocket" so your responces are not surprising. If your not into Art or if you dont travel and see other places-you tend to think anything "you" can't explain is the devil.Grow up.

  • rene

    We as Christians don't need to act like we are better than the disobediant children just because we have a relationship with God's Son. We should encourage and pray for the unsaved. Satan looks at us as a House ,so he can do his evil deads. Satans (he lost the name Lucifer when God kicked him out of Heaven) tail, which was the tail of the dragon swept 1/3 of Gods angles ( which are in the billions) if satan can convince Gods angles to leave God and go with him, who do we think we are? We MUST keep our House swept and occupied. With Gods word and prayer. I an tell you as a Christian it is a struggle every moment its not easy if we don't have a strong prayer life. I hope Jay-Z is not dealing with these things .I pray not.

  • http://breonenicole.wordpress.com Breone Nicole

    Great blog.

  • a person with 1 working brain, 2 good eyes and ears

    Booooo. He didn't deny or renounce being apart of the devilish system that made his cupboards full. Furthermore he's calling everyone who recognizes all of the symbology idiots for calling him out, like how some men act when their busted with another woman. He sounds arrogant like usual which is the main characteristic of his father Satan. And it is blatently obvious in practically everyone in the entertainment business, from Jay Z to his wife to movies, to Nickalodean. Seriously when did Black people start rockin the devil hand sign and goat skulls? Gimme a frickin break dude, just come out with it punk, you're only lying to yourself if you think people can't see what yall are doing. It's no secret anymore.

  • shawn s.

    Jay-Z (Shawn Corey Ca)...IS PART/MEMBER of secret societies.That is a FACT.Listen to his MUSIC.Check S&P 500, the world's biggest TRUST funds.Do you know who Doug Morris is? Who owns Universal Music Group?He did some dirt to get where HE is today.Its all written in blood. I pray for those who don't know the true God.Peace.

  • Jessie


  • worrl 1

    c'mon son this the way the game goes..... u gettin in and sell ur soul to the devil or u work a 9 to 5...

  • Sasha

    idek why ppl getting all workd up ova jayz . yeah he the best rapper(my fav rapper) but i dnt look up to him , thats his problem if he is with the devil , as long as I Beilive in jesus than it dnt matter who dont . he kinda lost cool points with me cause he be seeming like he in tht devil ish but hey? he jst a rapper, not jesus . i love his MUSIC not him, his religion , whatevea .

  • jj

    lol wow i cant believe all the crazys that really thinks he sits around worshiping the devil
    at the end of the day that's between god and him
    everyone else are typical nay sayers

  • http://africatravel2010.wordpress.com africatravel2010

    Please do some research on Free Masonry or talk to one of its members, they can be found at most prominent African American churches. Just because its a secret society doesn't mean its evil. You'll be surprised most members are actually men of God.

  • bubbles

    AAAAHHHH EFF OFF JAY...we all know what you're about. definitely sounds like a confirmation more than anything.... n who cares if he worships the devil anyway? we're all gonna end up some place...

    • http://www.blackplanet.com/enigmanetx EnigmaNetxx

      OMG!! THANK YOU!
      You articulated everything I was thinking!

  • Southern Treat

    @Thereeducation I hope you repent because you are going to regret what you just said, trust me.

  • Da Angel

    This does not mean much to me. he did not make anything clear as far as those lines r concern.

  • Vinny

    Do not take God your God for granted,Jay would have come so clearly that he ain't a free manson and that he does not at any time or place *****ociate with satanism,but his symbols in his songs are so scary and they all points to satanism,am not judging you Jay,only God has the right and powers to judge.

  • M.White

    You Illuminati people are clowns... there is a secret society and they chose rappers to lead the way now. yeah, ok...

  • truth718


  • WOW

    m. white umm rappers are very important tool piece. cmon man who influences kids more kobe bryant or jay z? listen these kids hear every word 2 word from these rappers and memorize them like bible scriptures. monkey see monkey do! once the seed is planted then it can grow! take a look at the younger generation and u will know why the elites choose rappers to lead the way.

  • .ddffd

    I think Jay-Z is more of an puppet of the Illuminati than being actually apart of it. I think Illuminati and Freemasons or more of a higher status they just use music to carry out their plans, whatever that maybe. Does Jay-z worship the devil...yeah I believe so..him and alot of ppl in the entertainment biz and government

  • TheQueen

    When you call yourself “J-hova”, your blasphemous blatant disrespect for a GOD that so many worship is very apparent! And when he said “this is god engineering”, that does not mean that this is the same god who he named himself after. That god could be anything i.e. money or Satan. So all that garbage about devil worshipers not being able to acknowledge GOD…you don't even know what god he's referring to in the song!! If you're a devil worshiper, then clearly your god is the devil!! He's been exposed and hasn't put anything to rest! But the funny thing is that his dumb fans will still continue to deny all of it!

  • n.curtis

    Go to hell, this is God engineering.... Really, he is telling you....that this is satan (his God) that he worships working right now and we need to go to hell.....ha! Jay u can't fool me....I'm on my 3rd 6.....oh really...it doesn't matter if he is speaking about cars, clothes or rims three 6's looks like this 666 that's evil that a sign of the devil

  • COG

    Curtis, you are spot on! I was wondering when someone would bring up Aliester Crowley, the Ordo Templi Orientis (OTO), which got their start from the Knights Templar/Freemasons. Aliester was a devout Satan worshipper and even wrote a book called 777 on channeling Nephilim spirits to gain fortune and fame! His motto was "Do what thou wilt." And yes, Jay-Z WAS seen wearing a black hoodie with that same motto printed on the front. More completely, Crowley's motto "Do what thou wilt is the whole of the law." He even talks about using innocent children to help channel these evil spirits of "old" and become great. Why do you think Michael Jackson is revered as the greatest entertainer of all time? He had the whole thing down to a precise science, and probably was trying to get away from it all towards the end of his life, but could not. People, get ready, and don't be naieve, Revelation prophecies are being fulfilled and the Lord is on His way back. Get ready, because it will probably get worse before it gets better. I pray for all who don't believe in God. It's not a game. This is nothing to play with. Satan is serious and he is after our very lives, and won't give up until Jesus returns and sends him and all of his demons (fallen angels) to hell for good. I'm praying for you all.
    God bless.

  • t.j.

    Umm.can we pray. Lets bow our heads.lord help this person who is a RAPPER an I'm familar with but been delivered from this music. Anyhow lord please protect an deliver this rRAPPER from his ways.lord if u must make him weak lord in doin so u will b strong Amen. Also forgive those who judge harshly for they KNO not wat they do. Bless the reader of this prayer Amen.

  • BAPE747


  • Slim Goodie

    People stop hatin on this man. When does it stop! "Get on like he's on and u wouldn't worry about what he's doin!" Ya dig

  • Whatev

    So glad so many can see through Jay Z's lies. I am newly saved and i feel so good.

  • vetrice

    seems like the ones yellin god understand more about the devil,who you foolin? real saints don't judge only god search your own soul and hearts out.


    He didn't put a thing to rest....HE'S DEEP IN IT.

  • Macman

    Wow!! people! Live your lives Jay Z will be the only person present in his judgment besides God, and you in yours.

  • E From BK

    Some of you are incorrigible. Jay Z is this, Jay Z is that. The guy tells you he is NOTHING what you say he is then he is lying. He tells you he doesn't subscribe to a religion, but DOES believe in a God, but you say he is lying. Utterly ridiculous. Do you feel the same way about Jay Electronica, Rakim, Busta Rhymes and ALL of Wu Tang? They will all tell you that the Black man is God. They will tell you that you believe in a mystery God. They are FLAT OUT telling you things, BUT you don't go after them the same. Shame on you.

  • E From BK

    Great post

  • makedakaluwa

    Jay is full of shyt!!! He said clear as day in the studio recording 'Lucifer' that he has never read the Bible in his life.

    And those bars he just spit are weak!

    *****ody is thinking about that man, he puts himself out there showing us where his loyalty lies. AND, its not with God.

  • souldelicious

    Think about this, do any of you know that before being cast from heaven, Satan was in charge of MUSIC , so with that in mind why would it be so different for him to use that very tool meaning the music industry to keep us ignorant and away from GOD.

  • Money

    He obviously is being boastful. If he wasn't referring to being Satanic, then he wouldn't have included that bar. If Jay-Z wanted people to really believe that he wasn't apart of a Satanic cult, then why say Im on my 3rd 6? He could have talked about any of his other 3 of the same kind of cars he has, but he said it to prove a point. That he is doing what he wants and continues to corrupt the minds of those who can't see whats right in front of them. And Rick Ross gives it all away with his verse. What soldiers see the sun at night? Evil ones because that is when they operate. Like thieves in the night. " Free Masons"....." WE FASTER" ..... We MASTERS".... then he refers to being a child of god to confuse the listener...

  • Superman Prime

    Illuminati or not. 1 n^gga (all the real illuminati see anyways) can only be affluent if m*****es of idiots follow. Then it only takes one true soldier or another idiot with a 5cent bullet to end it. That is the reality of the situation.

    That is all

  • Sha

    @Blasian: Excellent post.

  • Beej

    Jay-Z is a liar. In New York his exact quote is..."Jesus can't save you, life starts when the church ends... You can't say somthing like that then act like you get your gift from GOD. Wake up!!!

    • E From BK

      Some of you are incorrigible. Jay Z is this, Jay Z is that. The guy tells you he is NOTHING what you say he is then he is lying. He tells you he doesn't subscribe to a religion, but DOES believe in a God, but you say he is lying. Utterly ridiculous. Do you feel the same way about Jay Electronica, Rakim, Busta Rhymes and ALL of Wu Tang? They will all tell you that the Black man is God. They will tell you that you believe in a mystery God. They are FLAT OUT telling you things, BUT you don't go after them the same. Shame on you.

  • Rex Obviate

    As a Satanist I can tell you straight up. Satanist do not believe in God. Hell we barely believe in Satan. It is about self-empowerment. Self God. Call it what you want, cry and act all fa*gy if you wish, but do your research peeps. Do it now and stop thinking hood. Think knowledge.

  • Trina

    Okay, this is very irritating.. Okay, I believe in this illuminati crap and i think that they are wrong and will reap what they sew. but hihop community aint the only one. and the crap about he just now tryin to defend hisself, some ppl get fed up and want to say something. im not takin up for him or nothin bt im speakin on real ish right now. i believe in God, Heavenly Father in th Sky but yall are sooo ridiculous right now. spendin yall time talkin about someone that has made a choice he wanted to make. if he wants to be apart of it, let him. yu dont go to the gates of heaven for him, yu go for yourself. yu dont repent for his sins, yu repent for ur own. we all make our OWN choices. Sooo im goin to keep livin mi life regardless of what the illuminati does. idc what they do, as long as enter the gates of heaven to greet and live wit mi God. Christians say yu not suppose to judge ppl but right then and there they are quick to say what someones doing. i dont judge, to each its on. i am mi own person and they are theres. i dont have to do what they do but i will respect anybodys decision on what they want to do. No Judgement Zone here.! Live your life and he will live his. i listen to all music but by me listenin to all music doesnt mean it changes me. i interpret music the way i want to and not by symbols and crap. Sooo whats the comment on this???

  • blasian

    Regardless, Christians and Non- Christians are fighting right now for the good and evil! Christians aren't suppose to fit in with society! Christians are not suppose to always agree with society! Jesus is the way the truth and the light! I take God on his word! I don't see him-but he is there. I'm a living testimony! I'm sick of people blaming the "white man" for all the problems in the world. God is not a author of confusion. Everything is not meant for us to always understand. Bible readers have the spirtual discernment to see through people and there motives! I'm not a person person-but I love and pray for our country and the ones that are lost! God bless us! Satan is real but God the opposite of the prince of darkness! Live in light people not darkness! You don't have to approve of this- Jesus wasn't approved of hhis teachings either! God gave us a choice to walk with him or the devil!

  • blasian

    I typed person person- I meant I'm not a perfect person... God can put you through trials and tribulations to humble you! The devil does the opposite. The Devil will only kill,steal, and destroy....

  • lovely

    Read the book of Daniel or the book of Revelation. A evil spirit is very sharp and manipulative. He will high jack this world and God's word says it in the bible. Clear warnings are out there. The ISLAMIC TERRORIST ATTACK WERE ALSO PROPHESIED AND ALL THE HISTORY BOOKS WITH OUR COUNTRY'S UGLY PAST HAS BEEN PROPHESIED! WAKE UP! DON'T GET CAUGHT SLIPPING.....

  • Rex Obviate

    Sure is a lot of racism and stupidity here. Yeah, no person of color can be into satan. The black man own Jesus. Fairy tale false soothsayers judging another fairy tale soothsayer.

    Religion is lame along with the flock searching for their shepard. Death to the herd.

  • lovely

    BrotherRoy thanks for the comment brother :)

  • whysoserious1

    All you people are silly.....there is no god and there is no devil....give it a rest.....fuc-n losers!!!!!!

  • onetruth

    Hold up I c a souple different meanings about the 3 6. I agree with Barnes as long as he call himself hova, he don't respect God. Look just because he don't say he worship the devil don't mean he don't. Please believe the devil knows the Bible too, and he knows scripture he quoted it to Jesus Christ. Ppl worship the devil in sin as long as you live contrary to the Bible you are not of God. Your lifestyle reflects it. Money, pride, idoltry(materials) and the list goes on. Yes there is a God and there is a devil both are very real and a heaven and hell, all are very real. Where is your faith?

  • Rex Obviate

    Bill Clinton was a governor

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000291715215 Chris Cleveland

    The Main part of the music industry is in this ish dude. gag, jay, and obvious artist. its because they use interesting beats to do this crap and lure the youth in cause the youth is the future and if they control that we'll be an lost generation. im 14. and no one my age knows this but eff jay, listen to lupe. this proves Nas was the best and still is better than jay. no illuminati ess on him. no one listens to good music anymore. the last bit gets no air play. wtf? we eed to push some cudi,lupe,b.o.b, not too sure about that YM ess. but yea. thats good ceative music. no devil in it. and no fakeness(excluding YM.)

  • Year of the Tiger

    Wow....you people are really worked up about this whole Jay Z/Devil worship bs huh? How many of you have actually sat down and talked to Jay, face to face or know him on a personal level? How many of you have been to his house, huh? Nuf said.....you can speculate all you want. Rappers speak in metaphors and Jay along with Big Daddy Kane, Rakim Allah and Biggie used tons of metaphors. As far as god is concerned, Rakim called himself God "Competition is None" yet before you fools jump up and call him anti-christ or whatever, he's a Fiver Percenter (Muslim) and they believe Muhamed to be the prophet, not Jesus. So I suppose all Five Percenters or non-christians are devil worshippers too huh? Open your 3rd eye people....knowledge is Infinite!!

  • Rex Obviate

    What i find retarded is symbols and cryptic lyrics make him a devil worshiper but every rapper's blatant lust and promotion of material gain if not through violence and/or decay of their fellow man through drugs and abuse of women exempts them and their fans and followers from worship of the devil...then i guess i do not get this christ stuff at all..

    I never knew "Right thurr" & "i getz money" were old negro spiritual hymns in worship of the almighty.

    fracking fakers...

  • Rex Obviate

    @brother roy
    >HOWEVER, if one actually took the time to learn what Christians are supposed to believe then one would understand how to pinpoint a real Christian from a false one.<

    *Chuckles* believing and what you "suppose" to believe *keyword: suppose* and actually living it are different if not dually u*****tainable things...

    Oh? and who said anything about communist being holier than thou? That is the point. a true christian would not need to point out the evils that other men do as a defense to the evils Christians do. a true christian does not need to defend Christianity...only preach the word. isn't that what jesus did...till the last drop? a true christian would not give a damn about jay-z's chosen path yet feel sympathy for the brother and wish him well...not because he knows he will burn but because he will miss him in the heavenly kingdom. Are you doing this? no...you are on a path of re-education or whatever. humbly thyself son...and back up..tell me if I am wrong..point it out..

    with every so called "christ is da man" post you prove every non believer right... it is just your opinion. call it faith..but it is just your opinion and frankly the sanity in that id debatable..

    it is a shame a fracking non believer have to tell you that..

  • b.j.

    Lastly, if Jay-Z worships lucifer, [which I am 99% convinced that he does according to the Run This Town track, his name Hov, the name of his label rock-a-fella, note: "Rockerfeller" & the hand signals etc], and is denying this fact, we know that Satan is the father of lies, and His main objective is to keep the world from believing in His existence. Satan is real ppl. hell is real and heaven is real. Most of all God's love & salvation is free & its for us all. Make the right decision. The time is now.

  • michael

    Jay ain't in free masonry so shud up nore in illuminati, HOW MUCH PROOF DO YALL WANT

  • Jay-Boogy

    To be honest, I would seriously have to do research on the images, symbols, ETC. Am I an avid Jay-Z fan? Nah, not really. Am I impressed how a guy came from the streets to make it big? Absolutely. Did he sell his soul to do so? Ya know, I really don't know. Here's why...I don't live with this guy, I've never crossed his path, heck, I've been to a concert and he "may" have looked into my eyes (he-he). But truth is, I have no heaven or hell to put him in therefore I cannot judge. And as far as all the hoopla surrounding this topic? Well, I say let's continue to waste time on 'isms and conspirarcy theories instead of dealing with what's really important...like Hurricane Katrina victims (who by the way Jay donated the "devil's" monies to). Just seems like to me that the folk who are so up in arms about this whole thing aren't Christians, but are "aspiring" to become one. Can't seem to find in my Bible where it says hate one another. I do understand that you are trying to warn folks, but, "do not throw your pearls to swine " is what I remember being in the Word. So if no one's listening, fine. Remember, you can only "strive" for perfection..you'll never be Jesus Christ.

  • SD

    youtube or google g craig lewis and look for the truth behind hip hop

  • uptownprincesskey

    SMH!! Listen I am not a crazy fan of jay-z. I listen to him here and there and can say I like some of his songs., but even though im not a big fan all I have to say is this...WHYY!!!!!??? Do you people care so much? If you don't like him or anything he has to say out his mouth why bother listening to any of his songs or collaborations? If you feel he worships the devil so be it ! Its his life not yours. If you know you believe in the word of god and that jesus died for our sins then who give a f**k. Let the man say/do what he pleases!!!!

  • uptownprincesskey

    and another thing that ny cousin had mentioned to me when i told her about all these comments....(so dont take it out on me im just repeating what she said!!!!) she said "The bible is a book! that someone made, who says what is in these books are actually true. there are so many different versions of the bible its madness. there are also many didfferent types of bible. christians have one and even muslims which is called the quran! which somewhat contains much different information! so who should be believe scienctist or these people who think that god came to the earth and made us out of sand? after all when you burn sand it turns to crystal right...last i check when we get burned we turn into dust...be realistic people!" i honestly in a way dont agree with her. but then again if there is a god who is all high and mighty allow so much poverty and so much violence happen? why doesnt he stop these people? i guess its because he says he'll let us choose right fromwrong right?

  • JoJo

    Anyone who calls themselves God is up to No good. Nuff said.........

  • billie j. guy

    o.k... I constantly read books and the best one yet was behold a pale horse. it speaks of NWO and the builderberg group as the leaders of the new world who control population by monitoring what we watch...eat...wear...ect but the most intresting chapter was the one that mentioned... THE DISTRACTIONS THAT RE DIRECT OUR ATTENTION FROM THE REAL ISSUES... and that's a job... ALL YOU SO CALLED CHRISTIANS... lean not towards YOUR own understanding. and im no where near a christian simply because the christian war killed more people than gang bangin... drunk driving... world war 1-2 and 3 all together... to each his own RESPECT... but please do... DOUBLE CHECK YALL APPEARENCE... THE CREATOR WILL NEVER NEED YALL HELP to decide ones fate... if jigga is bogus let GOD deal widdit

  • smile

    I think what is wierd is the ones we kno as famous ppl which will b even more famous when we see God sending them to the dungeon. satan can only promise u temporary pleasure as God promises eternal life. -Jay Z this is only a dream - we all have a count down when will urs run out? Will you b on the right side..as of now u can turn your life back over and give the devil back his offer if it isnt to late..besides his knowledge aint power if it was then God would be down here asking us to prepare for him :p

  • anniev


  • Fuyu

    I don't get upset at the Dark One-- something recent(lmao). I used to be all upset-- wasted energy. His allegiance is to paper. Do I think he is really part of Trilateral Commission? Does he sit on the Council of Foreign Relations? NOT. Does he believe he is the center of the Universe? Pro'lly. Your boy can say what he wants he still reppin' the R-O-C. C'mon, it's so f#$kin' obvious. Lmao.

  • http://facebook.com silence

    if u luv music say u cant do witout it,rada dan backin d wrong tin up,admit it,cal a spade a spade. Its clear,dis pple worship d devil,we dont av 2 blame d media saying dy ar lyin just 2 sel. Is nt d sam media dat notifies us abot legal gay marriage,masacar f christians in ,....truli we ar nt 2 judge,bt lets say d truth so dat we can flw d right part ad lead odas.it has been writen.

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    What is really being missed from state to state inmate searches? Is it just a problem if the inmate is in the middle of being charged with a new crime or moving to another location?

  • whogivesadamn

    truthfully who gives a damn if he is or the next famous entertainer is? they aint helping us out in anyway....not helping us pay bills, putting our kids through school, helping solve homeless and hunger problems in america, lowering gas, unemployment if they're involve the truth will come out eventually and they will have to deal with that whenever that times come.......

  • Lea

    Does people speak English anymore Geez ! Takes me 5 min to decipher what the heck anyone is talking about. :(

  • rockefeller

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  • freeman

    In 2 simple words YES or NO let JAY Z tell the world and his fans that he is or not a devil worshiper. Shikina !!!

    No long story of baseless raps causing further confusions.

  • eddyt

    Jesus is coming back mi hermanos, let us keep on purifying ourself by living a holy life and abstaining from godless activities. SHALOM.

  • http://Google DANIEL

    I dnt see any need of arguing coz dat mr man(jay-z) the lucifer follower him self knw exactly wht he is doing n no need 2 jurge him leave him 4 da almigty GOD 2 deal with him 4 hm 2 face da real music

  • petethecat

    jay-z says one thing and does another. makes us think he is a free mason and a guy who sold his soul, so he his working it off by doing symbles and saying things on the sly. the next min he makes us think he is not into any of it. theres only 2 explanations.
    1) he sold his soul joined the industry and believes in the devil and promots him so we think about him.
    2) he is just a normal guy, who only goes on about it because it sells, making him self a bigger artist in return. selling albums and having people read up on him and listen to every new song and albums hoping to hear something new about all this.

    to the people out there, who listen to what he says and listen to his songs just to hear him say mason or 6..! you want to listen to him like he will give u answers, to life to god and the devil and all the secrets. he wont. and if he does worship he will never say he does. he is a great artist.
    he has become so much bigger over the past few years

  • Love God

    Jay-z Is *****in Blaspheming!!Usin Scriptures in his devil ways the bible talks bout this too

  • http://www.wakeupproject.com The Last prophecy

    Rapture! Rapture!! Rapture!!! I almost shed tears while reading some comments,plSsssssssssssssssss
    The trumpet has blown and The first two seals heas been unveiled.....
    GOOGLE MICHAEL JACKSON AND POPE JOHN PAUL THE II IN HELL.......... PlSSsssssssssssssssssssssssss dO this, save Чuя soul from the TORMENT ƠƑ ENTERNITY!!!

  • tabitha

    we as pepole know that there is only one god but pepoe who belive in th devil calls him there god and when he said there is know hell he is going agaisnt gods word the bible clearly speaks of hell and i know that pepole that are not in connection with god need to be because the bible clearly says (for what is a man to profited if he shall gain the whole world and loose his own soul )are what shall a man give in exchange for his soul matthew16:26...and greed is a sin god speaks of it in the bible pepole will fall deep in love with money 'cars 'clothes ' fame they truley loose sight of gods words but non of these things can go with you when you die thats why i pray and call on him because the devil is busy recruting and will try and convince you of whats not real but i know for myself he's a lier

  • Kllknalkf

    hes trying to hide who he relly is satans servent all his videos and his words prove hes satans son he trys to act like God ..hes not  hes a lost soul

    • Alliebaybee

      yip i agree those apart of illuminate never admit 2 it or dont make it known directly 2 the public

    • Chidera Okolo

      Amen to that

  • Alliebaybee

    lol wow they really think we on that ignorant *****

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100002750081494 LowKey Arshli

    Me Jayz Kayne West And Castro Was Smoking Weed 

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100002750081494 LowKey Arshli

    Soulja Boy Wanted To Smoke But We Told That Fck Niga Clear It Fool

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100002750081494 LowKey Arshli


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  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100002750081494 LowKey Arshli


  • Denny Fresh

    The poor brother dresses in the color, portrays, and babbles anti-Christ bullcrap in his bars which are filled with Masonic codes. All observations above only echo the brother's standings for which he will stand judgment for if he is redundant.

  • Joann Jovonda

    I am just tryna figure out why y'all hating....this man is not worshiping the devil....furthermore if he was why are y'all worried...he not harming *****ody...there are people out here who actually worship the devil but just cause he is rich and famous y'all tryna drag him down...this man is not concerned bout what y'all saying. Stop hating on him and his wife. Y'all bustas and whack for that!

  • Njabulomngadi

    Does this illuminati thing really exist? If yes who is the rain man

  • http://twitter.com/PriGga_cn njabulo mngadi

    Who the f*ck is the Rain Man?

    • Mister Live

      The Rain man is a nick name for satan. Many artists talk about the Rain Man or making it rain, meaning satan gives you earthly riches in abundance in exchange for your rights to your soul

  • kinizl

    illuminati aren't devil worshiphers you ignorant morons. 

    • aaronroyo9

      Ur a fckn idiot

  • Justinelutaaya


  • Tevinaustin


    • Sup

      The devil is a mother *****!ng liar, so you know I ain't worried BEEYOTCH

  • jason

    Dud sounds like he needs to repent

  • ihome

    Where's the proof?

  • http://twitter.com/politiJim PolitiJim

    Jayzee argues against claims he serves the devil with profanity and cursing those who accuse him. Just like Jesus did, right? Oh wait....

    • TD

      So what you are saying is that "Jesus" "God".. whatever character you believe in, would want you judging others???
      OH WAIT....

  • http://www.facebook.com/walcon.gens Walcon Gens

    I also wish to join

  • gens

    I also want to join
    I like you all

  • mysterious me

    Jay-Z is definitely in the Illuminato and infact he is the king of the illuminati!!! His wife who I deeply deeply deeply love is also in the illuminati and she is infact the Queen! You can believe it or not!! Its your own choice and belief!!

  • John wisley

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  • Jayz ur lying!!!!!!!!

    Jay z is a mason! It's a fact, but he can't talk about it because he took the oath. Serious penalties including death for talking about it. Free masonry is a front for the illuminati, & the illuminati are a satanic cult! It's a fact look it up. Knowledge is power! Don't be a sheap!!!!!

  • agent dadano


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