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Kanye West Shakes Off Illuminati Rumors


Illuminati rumors have been swirling around high profile rap stars for a while now.

Even prompting Jay-Z to address the issue on Rick Ross“Free Mason.”

Now Kanye West is speaking out about his supposed membership in the controversial elitist group.

Via Twitter, Yeezy recently jokingly confronted the rumors Tweeting,

“I’ve got a question about “the illuminati”…what is it???…and why do people think pop stars have membership???!!! LOL

He went on to question Lucifer’s sense of style and the devil worshiper’s phone of choice.

Follow the rest of his rant after the jump.


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  • STR8UP

    how you gonna make a song glorifying Jesus, in the Jesus Walks song, yet try n act stooooopid about the illumanati, etc?

  • mzgoddess

    they wit that bs.. ain’t nobody stupid… we jus woke up…

  • bobby

    YE if you read this, man i love your music.Just repent and ask for forgiveness and get out of that ish because when it goes down you got to pick a side. GOD or Horace (Devil). Love ya boy. YOU STIL ONE OF GOD’S CHILDREN NO MATTER WHAT YOU DO.

  • bobby


  • Nado22

    everybody above me is retarted..haha..and simple minded..lol..smh..

    • collins

      well I’ve done my research and I’ve concluded to be neutral because…yes there is a HELL OF A LOT of evidence against these celebs…but things are often very well fabricated. But also I don’t want to judge anyone and I’m not saying that to sound super religious I’m just saying it because…what if this whole thing is fabricated?? do you know how much hell we would have put these celebs through?? just not right…but by no means am I saying that the evidence is irrelevant in fact it is very relevant and if it is true…from me to anyone involved…this is a plea…please stop…the fans love you…no need to take advantage of them and money CAN be made with your soul intact

  • mcm

    wtf is horace?? learn some history and spelling my friend. Anyway to all the people who have ‘woken up’…I suggest u go jump off a cliff because u have no life other than to talk about celebrities and the bullShyte they do.

  • ladychacha

    This Illuminati b*llShyte is just another example of Ghetto ***** Stupidity and an excuse to be content AT BEING IGNORANT AND POOR!!!!!

    Are you serious? What does the ghetto or being ghetto has to do with it? Look up John Todd and follow the many WHITE people mentioned that spoke of the illuminati in the 70’s. Hip hop is only one aspect. It goes so much more deeper into to it. If you ask me, they are using Hip hop as a distraction to what’s really going on in their organization.

  • Reality

    We laugh at third world countries when they buy into ridiculous conspiracy theories but then perpetuate stuff like this. Come on folks. There is no vast conspiracy because it would require the cooperation of so many people. In this day and age of embedded journalism, 24 hr news, ubiquitous Internet access, and whistleblowers like Wikileaks do you honestly think such a thing could escape detection.

    Citing 2Pac’s 1997ish album title as evidence fails academic scrutiny. As far as why would a rapper talk about such things, maybe to sell records and sound smart.

  • Blake Kersey

    Kanye Isn’t fooling anybody! Yeah, he isn’t Freemason and the things he’s doing is of Freemasonry. Just like Jay-Z saying he wasn’t Luciferian, Kanye is telling a lie to cover up his demonic ways. People who think this is illuminati thing is a sham, get your heads out of your “rods” and wake up seriously! There is tons of info about stuff like this. Do your research on the web, and then still try to say it’s all a lie. These stars know what they are doing. Rihanna, Jay-Z, Lil’ Wayne, Lady Gaga, all of them know they are freemasons and when evidence is shown, that what they’re doing is of Freemasons, they want to cover it up like “no I’m not in the illuminati stuff, Haha” and they know they’re fans are going to follow them. Kanye is F-ing stupid! The illuminati is too real and he is doing things that are of illuminati. He ain’t fooling me or anyone else with at least half a brain!

  • pandaRAGE

    He used to be talented, but once he got cocky he became annoying and his ”personality” overshadowed the music. From what I’ve seen, his work has gotten pretty Satanic…which is LAME. Following Satan is the same as saying: ”I back him up, even though he’s gonna use me and then stab me in the back…as it always does.” what a retard.

  • Peoplearesodumb

    If you guys hate the illuminati so much and you all are so “christian” why are you wishing such horrible things on somebody. If he had a song named jesus walks and refers to god and countless of his other songs, he obviously believed in god at one point. And it not a fact that anything has changed but if thats what you believe why not pray for him? Hes a talented man.