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Tina Knowles Says Beyonce And Jay-Z Will Be ‘Great Parents’


and Beyonce have been shooting down pregnancy rumors like WW2 fighter pilots, but that hasn’t stopped the media from speculating.

In a recent interview with People magazine, Beyonce’s mother, Tina Knowles fielded questions about whether B and Jay would be having a seed sooner or later.

Either way, she says she’s ready to be a grandmother again and tells People,

“Of course I am [ready for them to have a baby]! What grandmother isn’t?”

Mrs. Knowles says she hasn’t decoded a specific date as to when the couple plans to conceive, but reports that when they do bring a child into the world, both will make great parents.

“They’re good people and they’re really positive and they’re talented and they’ve had a lot of practice with my grandson – their nephew,” she says. “So I know they’re going to make great parents.”

She continued on to say that Beyonce is, “very caring, patient, and loving, so I know she’ll be a great mom.”

She did however mention one thing the platinum diva would have to work on saying,

“Cooking is the one thing she hasn’t gotten into,” Mama Knowles reports. “She hasn’t mastered [it], but I’m sure she’ll be a good cook once she makes up her mind.”


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  • BobTyranT

    Great parents to who?? Rosemary’s Baby?! Ya think ya dark clothes, and ya black makeup givez you POWER! lol Fawk ya’ll, I know ya’ll mad I went there but somebody gotta stand up to tha bustahz! Killuminati All Week! Youtube BobTyranT!!

    • sisiouatt

      yes like the obamas, the smith … they will be great parents illuminatis!!

  • karla

    Jay will be a good dad.

  • MEKA

    When he confess that he is gay.

  • juliemango

    When it comes to cooking for JayZ Bey. should just break out the cook book!!!

  • 1

    Yo where did the love go people talk bout kids n y’all people yell devil u can’t live forever the kids r the future get over it lol. Love equals Hate but blindness is speaking with no voice

  • afan

    @MEKA I don’t think that Jay is gay. Next yall will be saying that Beyonce is gay. Come on people stop it with all this madness. Yes I also do believe that the CARTERS will be good parents one day soon.

  • ???

    I think he’s gay too,something don’t seem right with this marriage.

  • Chantibaba

    What I want to know is why she took back Matty “Mid-life Crisis” back! Explain that.

  • afan

    Why do everyone seem to think something is not right with this marriage. I say they are truly in love and very private people that don’t want to explore every detail of their marriage which I truly don’t blame them. They have been a couple for over 6 years before they decided to wed. Outside people are so critical and always putting them down. So to you Mr. & Mrs. Shawn Corey Carter do you and stay true to yourselves. Be bless.