While we seldom get an insider look into Jay-Z And Beyoncé’s private life they have proven that they do have a sense of humor. The royal couple treated an actress to their bubbly after a funny moment.

It was never a secret that Jay Z and Beyoncé were living large. And now that the star couple stands to make even moola from their forthcoming collaborative effort, their rented summer home in the “Platinum Triangle” area would have made the Fresh Prince look like a lowly struggle rapper.

In case you were wondering how Beyoncé was going to top her self-titled black album and Jay Z was going to the match the buzz his Samsung-induced Magna Carta brought, you now have an answer.

When you factor in the talent pool from Day 1 of Budweiser’s Made In America Los Angeles lineup, the likelihood of topping it would seem to be insurmountable.

The much ballyhooed Cuban honeymoon taken by Jay Z and Beyoncé last year has finally reached a checkmate.

The world never got a real explanation behind the Solange/Jay Z elevator fight, and it’s mostly likely we never will.

A few messy headlines over the past few days have been reporting that Jay Z and Beyoncé’s highly anticipated On The Run Tour was experiencing poor ticket sales as its set to kick off next Wednesday in Miami.