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The world never got a real explanation behind the Solange/Jay Z elevator fight, and it’s mostly likely we never will. Just because it’s not longer front page fodder for every publication on the planet, doesn’t mean the Carter clan still isn’t rocked internally.

Reports OK Magazine:

Supercouple Jay Z, 44, and Beyoncé, 32, just can’t put Solange’s elevator fight behind them, and—on the advice of pal Gwyneth Paltrow—they’ve turned to three-times-a-week counseling to rescue their marriage.

We still don’t know exactly what caused Solange to attack her brother-in-law in that elevator after the Met Ball back in May. But many people believe that the brawl was caused by Solange accusing Jay of being a womanizer, so he’s vowed to change his ways. In front of Bey, he called rumored mistress Rachel Roy to end their relationship: “No more cozy dinners, no more late-night phone calls,” says the source. “He’s even deleted her number from his phone.”

The incident in question occurred during this year’s Met Gala Ball and even forced the otherwise private superstars to release a statement regarding the matter. Its politically correctness didn’t thwart various conspiracy theories and spoofs across the Internet. Also, Gwyneth Paltrow isn’t the best marriage counselor candidate. Just saying.

Obviously hearsay should be taken with a grain salt but to think that this blowed over easy within their household is a hard pill to swallow all the same.

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