Lloyd Banks Talks HFM2, 50 Cent, Tax Troubles, Beef & More [Video]

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Hip-Hop Wired  caught up with G-Unit Capo Lloyd Banks who recently dropped his third studi album HFM2 (Hunger For More Part 2.)

Peep the interview as he discusses his rap counterparts Nicki Minaj and Kanye West and not relying on the "machine" to make him hot again.  He also details  going back to his independent roots which led to a label bidding war and mending rifts with Ashanti and other beefs from the past.


"A lot of the beefs were sparked by other artists.  If I feel like its worth it and you say something towards me,  I'm gone respond.  It's Hip-Hop.

But maturity plays a big part and you differentiate between the rap Shyte and a real passionate problem with someone."


Parts 2 & 3 Of Hip-Hop Wired's Exclusive Interview With Banks After The Jump!!!

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  • LadyB

    I love Lloyd Banks. Very smart young man. People should live below their means, and plan for the future. I also love that voice. Gives me chills!

  • http://HipHopNewsFlash.com hiphopnewsflash.com

    Dispite all the drama, I repsect the fact that Banks is giving to the community as mentioned in this article.

  • KT

    Big Man Ting Banks for apologizing to Ashanti,it shows you are not a boy.It takes a real man to say I'm sorry.

  • mslabelsoflust

    I'm so glad to know that he ain't dumb like the rest of these fools..he's philanthropic and smart about his money...smarter than 50 if you ask me

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