Rare Footage Shows Kanye West With Rhymefest Making "Jesus Walks" [Video]

RhymeAndYe Rare footage has surfaced of a young Kanye West and Rhymefest working on Kanye's hit ...

Rare footage has surfaced of a young Kanye West and Rhymefest working on Kanye's hit single "Jesus Walks" in 2002.

This helps support the rumor that Rhymefest was the original writer of Kanye's Grammy Award winning song, before Kanye stole the rights and took Rhymefest off the original version.

In the video you see Rhymefest and Ye working on a variety of music before they play Jesus Walks which features a verse from Rhymefest that is not featured in the Grammy winning album version.

Rhymefest has also made headlines lately for his clearance to run for Chicago Office in the February election.

Additionally, he launched the reading program "CPR" to encourage reading in the city and recently hosted the Chicago Urban Education forum with a variety of intellectuals, including Dr. Cornel West

To see these two Chicago emcees working on their classic material, click on the video below


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  • Lsn2Cheribims

    Yo, I understand that you want credit for the footage, but rerunning credits throughout the entire film is retarted.

  • Rodric

    Straight up raw... dude had mad, crazy beats.. .but his ego has gotten the best of him. This is the Ye, that was suppose to take over the game. Get yo swag back daddy (no homo)! You got skills but you need to let you head deflate!
    None better!!!

    Credits kill!

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