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Steve Nash’s Ex-wife’s “Baby Daddy” Is Allegedly Jason Richardson


Steve Nash’s Ex-wife’s “Baby Daddy” Is Allegedly Jason Richardson

In December,  Steve Nash filed for divorce from his wife just a day after she had a baby, and now we have found out the reason behind the divorce.

Rumors were speculating that Nash had left his wife because she gave birth to a black baby, leading to the obvious discovery of infidelity and cheating.

The allegations were confirmed when Aljejandra gave birth to a black baby, and now the farther is said to be Nash’s former teammate Jason Richardson.

The Suns abruptly traded Richardson to the Orlando Magic in December, around the same time the baby was born, which only ignites the rumors and speculations even more.

Although we know this is an embarrassing and humiluating rumor, we can’t help but wonder, does Nash get’s the assist for this one?





Apparently the “black baby” was just a rumor, and pictures have been released to dispel it.


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  • Dub

    i woulda hate to have been in that hospital room when it came out lol

  • Tonto Kawalski

    Damn. I hope J-Rich aint go out like Tony Parker. Otherwise that would start to be a disturbing trend. Teammates screwing thier other teamates wives.

  • speaking of this ish…

    They probably did a DNA test as soon as lil man was born so i aint even bothering to comment…

  • Banhammer

    2 things:

    1) Another baby growing up without a dad.
    2) Black baby = another unwanted bi-product of society.

  • James

    the baby looks white to me

  • pretty girl swagg

    the issue should be that SHE CHEATED. IT WOULD HAVE BEEN HILARIOUS IF THE BABY WAS BLACK…… Im wondering is he gonna have to give her child suport… SMH….SMH….