Meet Ghostface Killah's Couples Therapy Girlfriend Kelsey Nykole [PHOTOS]


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  • ajustinmoore

    I can't watch it. He's my favorite emcee and I'd prefer to keep seeing him in a certain light without all the foolery--which I know is inevitable... I don't want to know that much about him. And I really don't understand why he'd do this unless they're paying him a GRIP and he's playing a role.

    • Paulie Walnuts Gualtieri

      you know you will watch it regardless

      • ☮ Freethinker ☥

        this nicca

  • Ceeknow

    They paying so GFK is gonna play the role.

  • T

    She needs to get rid of that mohawk looking like a skunk it is absolutely hideous! It's extremely bulky.

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