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Rocky Road: 10 Things To Know About George Washington & Slavery [PHOTOS]



The Fugitive

In 1793 Washington signed the Fugitive Slave Act, allowing slave owners to capture slaves in any state, and return them to their masters.

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  • Crowe

    Slavery ended 150 YEARS ago – 150 YEARS – YEARS —-and have now been on the Demo crap welfare Plantation for 60 years………….now the Demo craps OWN you.

    • Shaunie

      The physicality or the tangible slavery machine was outlawed but slavery and its lasting effects still haunt the world the psyche of the offspring. Welfare isn’t slavery but the love of superficiality through money and power leaves many in the constant throws of another’s mercies :slavery!

    • Richard Hawthorne

      Slavery ended where? You are obviously not educated even if you can read and write. Your comments show you to be obtuse and fearful. But it ok research which country holds the most people under indentured servitude and you will find is America. So stop being a jackass in public forums. Hold all that hate you spew for your fellow countrymen you asshat!

  • Nehes Ba’a Rayay

    somebody, anybody go to Black’s Law and read on the ‘Dred Scott Case’ and what the powers really thought about Negroids. the whites Ancestors stole from the aborigines here and kidnapped, abused and tortured Africans here. YOU ARE THE GLITCH IN,’Natural Nature!!!