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Footloose: 7 Conspiracy Theories About The Jay Z/Solange Elevator Fade [PHOTOS]



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You knew Rihanna was going to get thrown in the mix. In short, the New York Daily News says Solange spazzed on Jay because he wanted to party with Rih Rih, solo.

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  • Starrr

    Dam Bawsip. Y’all just gonna ride this Jay, Bey, Solange thing until the wheels fall off huh?

  • YaHEard

    Yep. As I thought, these are not conspiracy theories, these are assumptions. A conspiracy would be that 1. Solange and Bey are both MK ultra slaves and Jay Z triggered Solange before the elevator ride knowing there was a camera taping to get attention now that he’s done with Bey, they need a reason. 2) Jay Z is a known Illuminati handler, he does so to his “wife” Bey by controlling her every move and career path, so now he’s using her sister in his dealings with the dark lord. 3) Jay needs some attention to come his way, “feel sorry” for him for something that doesn’t exists, because he’s about to announce something big, like “he’s a republican and loves his white masters so he’s running for NY mayor”. 4. He’s about to get some news about him spilled and need attention away from it and “of course people are making stuff up after that fight” . These are now, ladies and gents, REAL “conspiracy” theories.

  • Craig Mack

    What happened was Jay- Z farted on the elevator and it was a, “silent but deadly” that smelled like a boiled egg. Solange asked, “who farted on the elevator”, and Jay-Z responded, who ever smelt it dealt it. After that, she went HAM! By the way, Beyonce didn’t move or react because she was stunned by the smell. Silent but deadlies are no joke! Conspiracy theory, I think not!

  • R!-Goddamn-Diculous

    I knew y’all were gonna mention the illuminati lol….

  • ISIS

    So lounge looks like an old Tookan Bird…and her mom is a sweat shopping Witch Doctor…lol…tooki tooki.