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Daddy Issues: 20 Women Who Supported The #EndFathersDay Trend [Photos]


Twitter enables every user to exercise their Freedom of speech First Amendment rights. Which, is fine, unless pure and utter stupidity is being conveyed through 140-characters.

What started as a supreme troll bait experiment became the battery that fueled the movement of a select few of acid-blooded feminists. According to The Daily Dot, 4chan had been banding together for months to pull of the elaborate hoax of #EndFathersDay which involved a reported 40,000 fake Twitter accounts.

True-blue feminists and sane individuals denounced the movement but alas, a handful of women who thought they were self-created got caught breathing fire and choking on the smoke when the joke was on them.

Check out some of the anti-male bashing in the gallery below to make you more thankful for this current Father’s Day. We’re all for everyone having a worthwhile opinion but sometimes, just nah.

Photos: Twitter

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  • Bedown4that

    black women have problems.

    • guest

      All these women were not black!

  • I’ve♥Changed

    This article and this movement is bogus. Happy Father’s Day Dads. Shouts out to the single moms and dads holding down for both.

  • Brittany

    well since they don’t like men so much good luck trying to have a child with a woman lol

  • BadAzz Bee

    Fa one honey read the post those were NOT ALL BLACK WOMEN! Two what I do see is a bunch of angry hurt women! There are just as many dead beat moms as the are dads if we should end one day we must end the other! I hate that some women lay down with dogs get fleas and become angry at the world. If ur daddy ain’t shhhh than I’m sorry but mines is wonderful no abuse just a great man who along with a great woman made this exceptional being! Keep ur negativity to ur self

    • Latoya

      That’s great I keep telling black women that there are good black men out there

  • heat_nation_TWG

    When are these bitter women going to share the blame with the mom’s that opened they legs for men with no future

  • http://www.youtube.com/user/RantWithJeff Jeff Howard

    Some Women are just stupid.

  • Tamara Jones

    Those women are just bitter & hurt. Why do they want to end Father’s Day, because their own personal experiences? Let’s not waste energy on the father’s who don’t handle their business. Let’s celebrate the father’s who step up to the plate and take of their children. Even those who take care of children who are not theirs biologically…this is what Father’s Day is about.

  • Latoya

    Some women are crazy. Alot of men in prison are there because they didn’t have fathers. There isnt a reason to give birth to a child u can’t take care of unless u a surrogate. Kids need more than love. Love doesn’t put a roof over yo head, feed or cloth you

  • leebeen1

    My dad is in my life always have been. I love him. My husband is a better father to our two kids then I am as a mother. My brother is a great father and husband and my 2 sisters’ husbands are in their kids lives. So Happy fathers day should be everyday. I feel bad that these female judge all men by the losers they chose or their mother chose.

  • http://starswired.com/ Anonymous

    B*tches act like there aren’t any single fathers.

  • Spasmolytic

    Man-hating has reached epic proportions.

  • Liz

    You do realize that almost all of these are fake accounts, right? Many have been suspended.