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Justin Bieber Fanatics Start #CuttingForBieber Trend So He’ll Stop Smoking Weed [PHOTOS]


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  • dc

    All of that stuff is fake. All of the accounts that are posting those pics have like, 12 tweets, meaning they were just made today strictly for this trend. It’s not hard to google pictures of slit writs either and post them next to the hashtag #cuttingforbieber. It’s all fake and all of you blogs are buying into it hardcore.

  • David Goldstein

    My niece was one of the people who cut herself. Justin is a role model and not to blame, but he should understand the influence he has. Cindy my niece is in intensive care at the moment but is expected to make a full recovery. I pray for her. David H. Goldstein

    • jj johnson

      I’m sorry but if someone wants to cut Themselves over something so trivial as smoking weed. Dont deserve the life that was given to them. Do you hear yourself “he should understand the influence he has”? he should understand, but if a child wants to committe bodily harm to themselves over something so innocent then that is the fault of the child and parent only. Justin is a role model but he also is a human being and he cant live a life worrying about if he does something wrong some one will go kill themselves, that is not fair. I say he continues smoking and live his life.

      • FINALLY! A voice of sanity!

      • Intensity Lawz

        thank u

      • Jonah Manke

        Shhhhh. They’ll cut you next! Just kidding I entirely agree. Self harm is bad. Self harm to go to a nearby hospital to get away from the folks at your group home that know you know reg’s so they have to take you to the psych ward and you do it so you don’t kill some one is not good but better than a murder charge.

    • I’m glad to hear your niece is expected to be ok. I honestly don’t think in cases like this though any influence can actually be attributed to a given celebrity. When dealing with obsession, these are attempts to control the object of an obsession by getting the celebrity to engage with them. While obviously not as extreme (and I’m not in anyway drawing moral equivalency), it’s of the same nature psychologically as stalking a celebrity or (in the most extreme case I can think of off the top of my head) shooting a President to get Jodi Foster’s attention. Adolescents can be particularly prone to obsessive fixation, so I’m not saying anyone here is Hinckley-type unhinged, but I do think it’s a psychological issue on the individual’s side (and as a form of social-media facilitated group think which fans the flames of obsession) not any actual influence by the target of the fixation.

      I really hope none of that came off as contemptuous of your niece. I am concerned for these girls, not morally judging them or anything like that. I truly hope she continues recovering well.

    • ikkaj

      Horrible parenting! awesome population control

  • francene

    Poor girls.

  • TheCrackCapo

    My best friend’s sister took part in this, its so disgusting and just makes me feel sick. I hope we can help her, self-mutliation should never be used as a way of provoking

  • Gator Moore

    You’re going to make a change in your life that won’t effect me at all? Well I’m going to kill myself! So ha! People are idiots! Oh my word. anyone who would cut themselves because of this needs serious help. for real…

  • DragonofDarknessXIII

    Are you freaking serious!?!

  • Guest

    My cousin saw one of these tweets and cut one cut out of hereself before my aunt stopped her and rushed her to the er, please stop this madness.

  • My cousin saw one of these tweets and got one cut out of hereself before my aunt stopped her and rushed her to the er, please stop this madness.

  • What the hell is this? This is stupid. Imagine how triggering it is for normal self harmers to see these photos smeared about. Such a stupid cause, do they really think he’s actually going to stop? What brain dead idiots.

  • chinesse men

    parents you know what to do

  • If you or someone you know is cutting themselves get them some mental health services ASAP!! I am a HUUUUUUUGE Kurt Cobain fan but never would I have harmed myself because he was doing something I considered not good. I think heroin and suicide is horrible but my love for his music wouldn’t drive me to try heroin, harm myself or commit suicide. This is deeper than “being a fan” sounds like these kids are mentally disturbed! As for his handlers, STOP blaming the black kid for his behavior!!! I remember as a kid being blamed for being a bad influence on a white friend of mine (who was 4 years older than me) by his mother because he decided to smoke weed. The thing is he would have done it anyway with or without me. NO one put a gun to his head and make him hit the blunt SMDH!!!

  • Dee

    You have GOT TO BE KIDDING ME!.. Those little kids need psychiatric attention because this is crazy af! Really? For justin beiber tho??

    • I thought some people in my generation were bad (1992-1995), but these kids from the latter portion of the 90’s are just pathetic. The idea of common sense and critical thinking are long gone.

  • Tara

    4chan is to blame. I saw the thread on 4chan with their hoax of cutting for bieber to try and get others to cut.

    • Jerk

      Just because 4chan startet Bald4Bieber, it doesn’t mean they started this idiocy. B4B was just a fun little troll

      • NeedsToResearch

        No they did, google it, there’s even screenshots of the thread

  • Carol

    Fuckin lil retards

  • Van Basten


  • Next time cut vertically……..Amateurs!!!!

  • Jason

    Lol keep smoking bro, hopefully all the bieberfags will kill themselves. (Y)

    • Kaylee


  • ajustinmoore

    White people… smh…

  • amy

    wow..humanity has just reached a new low..


    Seriously these fan girls are more stupid then a new born baby trying to walk… These girls need to be taken to some professional therapy or get there brains fixed!

  • woww

    Wait till the dude blows a line off a hooker and pops a couple perks, dumb b*tches will be chopping off arms.

  • Kira A

    I actually feel sorry for Justin having fans like this… This is hardly support.

  • momo

    What has this generation come to?

  • confused

    These people were already cutters so it’s not some drastic measure for them. You can see old cut wounds so they already have issues. Cutting to make someone stop smoking pot just does not make sense. I am not a pot advocate at all but cutting has way worse psychological and physical scaring. And to think Demi Lovato’s fans colored hearts on their wrist in support of her to stop cutting.

  • Where are the parents? 😛

  • jmg4314

    Sounds to me that these girls doing the cutting need a swift kick in the rear and/or a smack.

  • 420annie

    Hell I am tempted to Give Bieber a couple pounds to smoke maybe finally we will be rid of Bieber fans.

    • a belieber

      do u really hate people THAT much? wow wishing all beliebers disappeared…there’s something wrong with these girls so instead of making comments that might give them more reason to cut. help. stop. it. and yeas I am a belieber but I do NOT cut myself….i repeat…I DO NOT CUT MYSELF

  • Lethimsmoke

    Almost all the people in the pictures you can see previous marks of where they cut themselves so obviously it’s not his fault thEy are cutting themselves

  • lestat morrissey

    I don’t want to live in this planet anymore

  • dgd

    hahah all the white people in the pictures with him and his fans are blaming lil twist.. hmm

  • jesus

    no hope for humanity if this is wat the younger generation is like. smh

    • help stop it

      well why don’t we HELP the younger generation

  • TriggerFoe

    So what… He manned up and smoked a joint. Ain’t like all the other celebs do it, I’m sure it’s not the first time… Cutting for him? Anybody can do what he does… He is a normal guy :p

  • amanda

    There Better get who sttarted this.This is crazy like weed is so bad. If someone is gonna kill thereself of Justin there messed up.

  • Kirbzi

    How the heck can these be fans, I actually have never liked justin bieber.. but I can’t help feeling sorry for the lad, he’s smoking some weed.. it’s not like he’s murdered someone, other celebs have smoked in the past but none of their fans went as far as self harming…that’s just putting pressure on him, and it just shows how many immature fans he has. What’s even worse, is there are people like me who actually self harm, because yes we have a problem whereas these people clearly don’t, it’s so disrespectful.. :/

  • Dinnyq

    Don’t these kids have parents? Ugh. Poor Justin…he’s a normal with crazy obsessed fans!

  • Joe

    Fanatics did not start this. It was a hoax started on 4chan and most of the pics of “fans cutting themselves for Bieber” are just googled images of people cutting themselves uploaded to fake twitter accounts. Some gullible fans may have actually done it.

  • pearlie369

    Well it’s official, Justin Bieber’s fans are the dumbest people in the world. I hope their parents are proud of the little morons they raised.

    • help stop it

      yea and we are dumb for letting it happen..and those little morons have something wrong with it so please…instead of criticizing help stop it.

  • amanda

    to think how hard i’ve been working on not hurting myself, this feels like a slap in the face. obviously it has nothing to do with me personally, but wow. this is just disgusting and ignorant.

  • christian sanchez

    why the heck are people cutting their selves for a normal guy that try to smoke weed….i understand that you might love him but that does not mean the u have to kill your self for jis mistakes

  • JB forever

    After this I will jump out the empire state building window I am on the top floor

  • josh

    You and me will all go down in history with a sad statue of liberty and a generation that didnt agree.

  • Willy Wonka

    Wow..Only in America.

  • Willy Wonka

    beavers slowly taking all your money, then its your life! stupid little girls nowadays

  • basher

    They could have used ketchup…. I bet the first person did. The rest did it for real. I wonder where are the Nsync & backstreet fans today?

  • shoelover34

    thts so f ing retarded i hav a sis who adores JB & luckily she knows nothing about this bcuz shes only 8 if she cut herself and died bcuz of this madness i wouldn’t stop until i found the person reasponsible

  • ALL of these kids need to be in a lock-down mental facility for a minimum of a year, and that’s just a start. Where are their parents…WTF!

  • a belieber

    im sorry but all these comments are irritating me, girls all over are cutting themselves because of justin bieber and all we are doing is calling them stupid retards. There is something wrong with these girls and we need to stop it… do u really think calling a person who cuts themselves a retard gonna help? It would probably give them more reason to cut. I’m ashamed that instead of helping others we just sit behind a computer screen and let these girls cut themselves. I am also ashamed of Justin because he hasn’t said one thing about all this. Bottom line: all of us need to help stop this, not criticize these girls…and yes I am a hardcore belieber but I do NOT i repeat I DO NOT CUT MYSELF.
    p.s. (just in case justin or someone sees this) justin…if u r just finding out about all this. STOP IT.

  • Dude

    Natural selection at its finest

  • Nicadvice111

    This is crazy….
    I bet JB was like,”WTF?”
    And another thing..why would you cut yourself for someone to stop doing something?
    Its like saying”Oh I’ll eat a box of salt for that person to stop drinking soda..”

  • Intensity Lawz

    i usta cut for real shyt like my grandma died not good habit but 4 some weed u cant see him smoke…ill stop n lights off light up dumb hoes