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Kanye West & Kim Kardashian’s $11M Mansion Looks Ridiculously Plush


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  • gwats1957

    All the money in the World won’t make Kim any less if of a skank. I have no problem with call girls, but you are supposed to pay them in cash, and kick them out if your hotel room in the morning, not play house with them. Kanye thinks he can handle this situation, but within a year, she’ll have him hating life.

  • jerd

    You need to edit your article. You’re a PROFESSIONAL writer who writes at the level of a 10th grader…

  • skbarnes

    I’m greatful they’re not my neighbors!

  • verydisgusted

    Well the house still isn’t big enough for their egos and for Kim’s mom. It might b big enough to share tho when they separate and share the kid.

  • nysport

    Who owns the house nextdoor? That thing puts theirs to shame…

  • lisa

    Kim and Kanye = bullshit.

  • DC gurl

    Go Kim fuc haters

  • camileee

    Smh . Really ? Yu need that big of a house just for two people . ? Hell nah couldn’t be me & I’m having a baby . Hell yu probably won’t hear the baby cry at night in that big thing

  • Dirty Harry

    I thought their house (saying they had 2 pools) included a guest house)… Turns out their house looks like a guest house next to their neighbors.

  • Sexy1

    Some people need 2 mind they Dam bus

  • Kyle

    if I was living next to to them, I would be selling real quick.

  • Shar

    All that money and the houses are so close together. Sure hope they install lots of sound proofing for the future screaming matches they will have.. I feel sorry for that innocent baby… They need all that space for live in nannies, cooks, maids etc. Kim certainly won’t be messing up her manicure to change dirty diapers…..

  • fredknowsall

    Kim is more shallow than the shortest end of the pool. put me down for the marriage lasting for less than 87 days

  • barb

    Kim always pick the wrong men.

  • justice

    President Barack Hussein Obama,Barack Obama,Barry Davis,,Barry Soetoro imposter HCR impeach now born on or about August 8,1961 in Mombasa Kenya.Went to school in Indonesia Kenya.Be The Commander And Chief in this Unied States Of America as enemies and Spies on Native Land.

    • honkytonkman

      justice ur a sick puppy.should hv impeached bush lied about a war,now oursoldiers are crippled.

    • Gosh dude Justice, get a life.

    • That the white Man stole.

  • southboi42

    This article is poorly written!!

  • Nancy

    Do you have a proofreader on staff? The article about the West/Kardashian house is a complete grammatical mess!! Do you need an editor or a proofreader? You need someone to rewrite this mess – I hate news pretenders, who are not journalists or even graduates of eighth grade English!!

    • Guest

      One word is wrong and the whole article is a mess?

  • DC is Evil

    Can imagine having these two pieces of garbage as neighbors.

  • Tammy Farmer Lambert

    There is just 2 things I don’t understand about this situation, If Kanye has been a family friend for years, you mean they didn’t know they liked each other until recently? the other question is Why buy a mansion and then have it remodeled why not just have a mansion built the way you want it, makes more since to me.

    • Nudgie

      No land Tammy – every parcel of good land already has a house on it. You need to buy it for the land and level the house and start again – like men do when they marry Kim K 😉

  • dfmr

    small kitchen….

  • chris

    The house is the only thing beautiful about them. Two pieces of trash. They belong together though, almost deserve each other.