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The Struggle Files: Wisconsin Man Charged For Getting Intimate With A Couch


A Wisconsin man has been charged with a lewd and lascivious act for trying to get intimate with a couch.

Gerard Streator was arrested in New York City last September after he was unable to physically resist the abandoned piece of furniture. 

On the night in question, Streator was spotted by off duty cop Ryan Edwards who had hit the street for a jog at around 11 p.m. Edwards reported seeing “a subject leaning over the couch facing down and it looked like he was having s-xual relations with someone on the couch.”

As it turns out, the encounter did not include another person.

Edwards yelled “What are you doing?” and instead of getting a verbal response Streator  broke out, fleeing the scene on foot.  As he ran away, Edwards could reportedly see that the man’s “p-nis was erect.”

Jonathon LaVoy, an attorney for Streator announced that his client will likely cop a plea and hopes to receive probation, work release, or a fine. “We want to focus on mental health issues,” LaVoy said. He also plans to provide the sentencing judge with a doctor’s assessment to prove Streator’s mental status.

Photo: NewsOne

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