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Cheaper To Keep Her: 10 Athletes Who Got Hosed In Divorce [PHOTOS]


When you’re an athlete there are tons of issues eating away at your funds. The IRS, hefty Cheescake Factory bills, and the cost of supporting everybody in the circle, have all contributed to the financial demise of some of sports’ biggest ballers, but there’s another money grabber among us and it’s called divorce.

Several athletes have had to shell out the big bucks when their unions hit a sour patch, which may contribute to why Kobe Bryant has worked things out with his better half. Vanessa Bryant filed for divorce from the Lakers star in 2011, allegedly fed up with his cheating. Although neither party ever publicly admitted to the reason behind the split, the lack of a prenuptial agreement put Vanessa in line to get her hands on roughly $75 million plus the couple’s three homes.

Drake’s famous “you wasn’t with me when I was shooting in the gym,” diss turned sports fans against Vanessa, who may not have contributed to his growth on the court, even though she held it down on the home front. Kobe however gave Vanessa whatever she wanted, and set out to repair the damaged union.

Now that they’re back on track, Kobe potentially dodged a huge money bullet, and in the spirit of his victory we’re looking at other athletes who weren’t so lucky.

Check out 10 athletes who lost big in their divorces.


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