Ice Cube wants his baby back. He is now making one of his goals to regain control of his 'Friday' film franchise.

One person you do not want to piss off is Mike Tyson, and that's what Hulu and the people behind the unauthorized biopic about the polarizing boxers' life have managed to do. 

We are about to get an even deeper look at the life of Mike Tyson. HULU is set to roll out a new scripted series on the hall of fame fighter.

When word broke that Mike Tyson had blessed a fellow airline passenger with a 2-piece and a biscuit (for those unfamiliar, that's slang for catching a beat down), the first thought from many was, "What did the other guy do?" Soon enough, it became clear that the allegedly drunken passenger had provoked the boxing legend, and now it's come to light that he has a lengthy rap sheet, too.

Somebody really needs to check on Robin Givens and make sure she’s not somewhere throwing up all of her insides after hearing the news that Mike Tyson thought she was having relations with the blubbery, bulbous orange mass of lies, racism, misogyny and butthole-lips that is ex-President Donald Trump.

The tweet imagined a fictional fight between the NBA superstar and the boxing legend but folks on the social media service are clowning the scenario as they should.


No word on when the series will be premiering but best believe Rhodes iteration of the character will forever be compared to that of Foxx's.

We are about to get a deeper look into the life of one of the most dominating figures in sports. A new project about the life of Mike Tyson has been greenlit.

When Mike Tyson speaks people listen. In a recent Q&A, the boxing great reveals that he feels to blame for one of the culture’s biggest losses with the passing of 2Pac.

The highly-anticipated bout between pro boxing legends Mike Tyson and Roy Jones Jr. went down last night at (Nov. 29) at the Staples Center in Los Angeles. However, instead of knockout or a decisive win, the match was called a draw.

Real recognize real. In a recent interview, Dwyane Wade revealed he appreciated Mike Tyson for recently checking Lil Boosie about his commentary about the NBA legend's transgender daughter.