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A teenager from the Bronx was busted for robbing a bank, yesterday. Police were able to track down 15-year-old Taheim Hart because a red dye pack hidden between the stacks of bills blew up in his face.

Hart was covered in the substance when he was arrested outside of the Amalgamated Bank branch in the Bronx. He attempted to escape the scene with $1,000 in cash before being apprehended, at around 2:40 p.m.

Upon entering the bank, Hart reportedly passed a note to the teller that said he had a bomb. The quick-thinking employee placed the exploding matter under the bills, without Hart’s knowledge.

“Police officers ran over quickly and started picking up all the red bills,” said a witness. “These kids today are so stupid. How did he think he could get away with robbing a bank? The teller was very smart to do what she did.”

Teen bank robbers are uncommon, but there have been cases of youngsters who have— like Hart—inadvertently implicating themselves. Last month, a teen girl in Nebraska posted an 8-minute video on YouTube bragging about holding up the Cornerstone Bank in the city of Waco, and was subsequently arrested.


Photo:  NY Post

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