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Former NBA Star Larry Johnson Says Gay Men Don’t Belong In Locker Room [PHOTOS]


As the NBA and the rest of the world rallies around Jason Collins and his decision to come out, one former pro ball player voiced some controversial opinions regarding homos-xuality. Larry Johnson, who famously crossed-dressed as the “Grandmama” character for Converse, took to Twitter and said that the NBA locker room is no place for a gay man.

Johnson was a hoops star, not a writer, and his tweets yesterday (April 29) showed that glaring fact. The one-time Charlotte Hornets standout tried to show grace towards Collins but ended up burying himself with each ensuing tweet.

“I don’t Jason Collins personally but he seems like a great guy. Me personally gay men in the locker room would make me uncomfortable,” began the barrage of poorly constructed tweets from Johnson. One of the player’s Twitter followers, an obvious UNLV (Johnson’s alma mater) fan, addressed the tweet by saying “homos-xuality is nothing to fear.”

Johnson responded with, “[T]hx you for your comment SIR, homos-xuality is nothing to fear, I don’t think it belongs in a mans locker room.”

After a series of back and forth tweets about the matter, Johnson tried to diffuse the powder keg situation by saying he has nothing against Collins nor “homos-xual’s” (his spelling). One of Johnson’s followers checked him by saying that gay men aren’t necessarily targeting straight men for dates to which Johnson replied, “good point.” He spelled it correctly, too.

Johnson is currently employed by his former New York Knicks team as part of its business operations staff. Check out Johnson slowly but surely dig himself into a hole, via Twitter, in the gallery.

Photo: Converse

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  • its like, why bother? shut-up LJ. thanks Wise.

  • Rosemary Davis

    Wow what ever happen too freedom of speech?? Larry Johnson said what he had too say and he shouldn’t be brow beaten for it.All of these Atheletes who are jumping on the Jason Collins band wagon are lying to themselves and the public none of them would be caught alone with him in a shower because just the thought alone of having to shower with a Gay man next to one who is straight would be repulsive to say the least too many of them and if he is chosen too play again Jason Collins will realize this in more ways than one (TRUE COLORS WILL SHOW)

    • Freedom of speech protects your right to say it, not to be free from criticism. Even Don Imus knows that now!

  • LMAO

    I think gay men should have separate locker rooms because some men are homophobic.
    Just imagine a straight man drying off while a bunch of gays watch him, and lawd help a straight man if he drops the soap.

    • Guest

      I wouldn’t want a man looking at me in a sexual way while I’m taking a shower. Does that make me a bad person??

      • dee

        That’s if he was looking at you in a sexual way. If your a straight man, A gay man in the shower shouldn’t bother you. If your d**k gets hard while he’s there, then maybe he’s not the one with the problem.

      • So does that mean it’s cool for me, as a man, to hang out in the women’s shower as long as I don’t ‘look at them sexually’?

      • Darnell

        lol…. they never answer that one… why… because they know the answer

      • Alfred Bundy

        According to a liberal it does! But that is good, because anything a liberal supports you know is evil, degenerate, stupid, normalphobic,
        anti-Christian, wrong, or just plain something a complete imbecile supports.

    • Alfred Bundy

      So the gays and liberals are against that because they are NORMALPHOBIC. NO MEN are what you call “homophobic”. Those you call that are just normal and know right from wrong. Their inner soul tells them what is wrong. That is why normal people don’t accept this bs. They are not blind and immoral like a gay or gay liberal supporter.

    • Yep and we should keep blacks out of the military because of all of the racists.

  • Kreole

    I wouldn’t want a man looking at me in a sexual way while I’m taking a shower. Does that make me a bad person???


  • Really

    Why is it homosexuals get mad when you don’t agree with their lifestyle- you become evil and a bad person for not accepting their lifestyle. But now you are a hero if you come out as gay. If gay people have the right to feel how they feel then so do straight people. Homosexual rights groups are so aggressive now a days and they push people to accept something they may find morally wrong- isn’t that being a hypocrite? I have to accept your lifestyle, but you won’t accept my opinion or feelings??? Everyone is entitled to their belief as long as it is not done in a harmful way. A straight person has the right to disagree or not accept homosexuality- it doesn’t make them a bad person or homophobic.

    • funkyonion

      People are free to make their own choices provided it causes no harm or injury to others. It does no good for society to neuter opinions one way or the other. Genders have naturally specific roles, trying to make everyone the same turns us into drones.

    • Derrick mason

      Well SAID!!!!!!!

    • EXACTLY! What about white people’s rights! When are they going to talk about how we’re so discriminated against!

  • Dee

    I’m so tired of gays forcing their beliefs down everyone’s throat! Just because you disagree with something doesn’t make you afraid of it. They went from begging for acceptance to now bullying.

    • jimmycoomer

      that’s not all they want to force down your throat.

    • Yes, those “uppity” gays. I totally get you.

  • Sikapapa

    At last someone who tells the truth. All the others are trying to protect their endorsements by endorsing this dirty man & his dirty habits.

  • IcalloutBS

    SMH…….. Get The FOH…with all of thos Foolishness. America needs to Accept the Gay/Lesbian and or Bi communities. They are here and will be here and they ate not going anywhere.

  • Problem solved. We are all equal, no more separate bathrooms or locker rooms. We all share the same facilities. Solved, on to more important topics

  • Tom

    Larry Johnson is a criminal. He ran a penny stock scam called Hall of Fame Beverages that defrauded investors out of millions of dollars. He should be in prison. Don’t believe me? Google “Hall of Fame Beverages”. You’ll see the long list of lies and deception Larry Johnson and his fellow scam artists used to steal from innocent people. The media should ask Larry about that! I bet that’d make him squirm a little!

    • rock mudson

      Nice smoke screen. But what does that have to do with the subject at hand?

  • RealTalk

    He is sooooo right… what happened to the rights of normal, non diseased men…. like why the hell must our rights be thrown out the window? We dnt want fags around!!!

    • The truth hurts

      Everybody has the right to do what they feel, this is America last I checked.And everybody has the right to there own opinion..So if I don’t like gays that’s my opinion.Last I checked Sodom and gomarrah was destroyed.So some people need to get it right!! I’m just sayin..

      • Last I checked, we lived in the 21st century. Now, if you want to quote an 17th century interpretation of the Bible, there are some passages on slavery and women I’d like to show you.

    • Derrick mason

      At all…!!!!!!

    • Listen to yourself. You’re no better than a racist.

  • FROGman

    Amazing spin. Disagree with any aspect of the gay movement and you’re being controversial. And leave it to a writer to be holier than thou when it comes to dissing someone for how they communicate. No way he disrespects a person he likes who writes a Johnson did

  • RHG

    So this is what happens when you offer an honest opinion about what you think about gays in a lockerroom. You get mocked for your spelling and generally put down for not going along and offering up the PC propaganda these media types now offer up.

  • Bob

    There should be a seperate locker room for gays. It’s not like straight men can be in the girls locker room. Same fing thing.

    • Separate water fountains and schools I guess too, right?

    • ktrav

      So sick of all these right wing bigoted idiots.

      • Im so sick of left wing people like you who always have to call people names because they dont agree with them. You can embrace Dookie Culture all you want, but don’t call people names and vilify them because they don’t.

      • Darnell

        trust me not all left wing people agree with this… it just that we dont agree with the majority of the right is talking about… but this issue here I agree with most of the right wing… but they fail me every time… bye getting a whole lot of prejudiced and sexist with most of their view.s..

  • Anyone saying a homosexual belongs in the same locker room is saying women deserve no privacy in the locker room from heterosexual men. Consistency, people.

    • There are already gay men in the locker rooms. There always have been. You just don’t know who they are. BOO!

      • Dear idi0t that offered nothing substantive to the issue, it is a matter of privacy. If you have any character whatsoever, you would be consistent enough to call for men to be in the women’s locker room. Grow up and dispense with your uneducated hatred.

    • ktrav

      What?!?!? What is it with you bigots?? So should we separate men and women in restaurants, too? In swimming pools? At the beach? In bars?

      You people are idiots.

      • You are an idiot, blinded by hatred and intolerance which leaves you unwilling to listen. People are still entitled to reasonable and expected privacy. Oh well, as more people become accepting of homosexuals, perhaps you will become more accepting of a person’s right to privacy. – or should men be allowed to waltz on into the ladies room? Yeah, lose your hatred buddy.

      • Calling people names just because of their beliefs? You sound just as bad as these so called “bigots”.

  • Not since LJ froze up in the last seconds against Duke, has he been such a disappointment to UNLV fans.

  • Alfred Bundy

    If you have a different opinion from a gay or liberal, THEY WONT LET YOU! There are still some people with morals and who know right from wrong. You cant make 1+1=3!

    • ktrav

      And if you’re a mouth breathing, knuckle-dragging conservative your morals connect with your hate. Disgusting hypocrite.

  • cal973

    so we are supposed to celebrate and respect a dude for coming out of the closet??? are we celebrating the fact that he was engaged to a woman when he knew he was gay? or are we supporting the fact that he was cheating on his fiancee with men?

    • ktrav

      When was that? When he was much younger. How do you know he was cheating on this woman with men? How do you know what he was going through?

      Your bigotry is disgusting.

      • cal973

        so tell me einstein. if he didnt sleep with a man, how would he know he was gay? and how do you know he didnt cheat on his fiancee with men? what are you mad because he came out and didnt mention YOU as his gay lover?

      • Paul Goldberg

        LJ is right. Gays don’t belong in the locker room. Why would a man want to bone another man in the anus anyway????? Wouldn’t they get feces all over themselves. ??? Disgusting. Jerry Sandusky was a Gaylord too.

  • Everyone is gay so to have an opinion on that subject your automatically ignorant, a hater and foolish, freedom of speech is a thing of the past especially towards gays

    • ktrav

      Bigotry, like yours, should always be called out.

  • Jaso

  • Jay

    Foxy Brown outed Larry Johnson as being “DL” No wonder he is bashing Collins… CHECK THIS PART OF THE ARTICLE OUT & google for the rest:: (Besides alleging that Jay Z chases tranny’s, Foxy says there was one constant man in Hova’s life. According to Foxy, Jay Z and Larry Johnson were ‘f*ck buddies.’ This doesn’t seem so far fetched given the fact that Jay once shared an apartment with the NBA baller who once repped Rocawear)

  • Well its rumored that Larry Johnson and Jay Z use to sleep together, they were roommates at one time, so who is he to judge, he was in the locker room

  • Imagine that…. Funny he would feel uncomfortable when foxy brown just said in an interview Jay Z and mr johnson were long time lovers… He use to dress as grandmama and jayz chases trannies lmmfao…

  • Dam Larry !

  • So this writer (D.L. for down low?) decides to criticize LJ for his beliefs? That sounds like…

  • bigjockdogg

    Gay men dont belong the locker room…

  • 2 snaps

    Gay men have the advantage in the locker room. No man can tell what a gay man is thinking as long as he keep his thoughts to himself. So if a gay man has a brief stare at a straight man.Who will ever know what that gay man’s thought is. Now if a gay man tells one of his boy friends who he fantasize about:Then the boyfriend decides to expose his secrets. That’s when all hell breaks out!

    • Reasonable Logic

      We all are human and with that said… none of us are perfect. The man has made his decision on the matter and everyone is entitled to their opinions and/or beliefs. We are not here to judge nor are we to condemn. I have to agree on the subject of privacy. If a man is uncomfortable about a gay man watching him in the shower, he has that right. Women on the same level. Being gay is morally wrong, but we are not in charge of one’s decision…just our own. Sad part is, you will not know who is straight or gay unless they tell you or caught in the act. With that said…. you will always be around someone who is either gay or have gay tendencies. I say, if no one touch you, tries you, or even comment to you… don’t concern yourself with it. Live your own life and focus on yourself. Basketball is not just a sport, but a job also. He probably came out the closet to expose that even in sports, no one is perfect and pure. Just let it be. If you are uncomfortable, remove yourself from the situation. Homosexuals are still humans despite their preference. Be real with yourself. That’s all that matters.

  • guest

    I’m a man and I wanted to shower in the women’s locker room but they kicked me out. SUCH DISCRIMINATION

  • jeonymac

    Well….they dont belong there so whats the problem?…just like a male shouldnt be in a ladies dressing either..

  • ukob

    wtf….this is why we dont like the blacks……..they can say or do anything they want about the white man…(who by the way brought them to this once great country)….but once a white MAN says something about them they start crying “racist”….blacks are far more racist then whites….go get your own black league dumb ass…maybe then I will start enjoying basketball w/o having to watch greasy, sweaty, nasty,stinking, blacks run up and down the court….I do side with Sperling and Clive Bundy…….If the blacks were put back into serving the white man,actually earning their keep, our welfare rolls wouldnt be as large…..