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Exclusive: Has Mendeecees Harris Already Been Sentenced To A 15-Year Bid? [PHOTOS]


Where did Mendeecees Harris go? The Love & Hip Hop: New York star turned himself in to authorities at the top of the year over alleged drug trafficking, but the prison where he is located is no longer public knowledge.

According to one report, Harris was quietly sentenced to 15 years behind bars at the end of April, five years short of the mandatory 20-year bid he was said to be facing. A search of his name on the Federal Bureau of Prisons reveals that Harris is “in transit,” which typically indicates that he has not yet been sentenced, even though his projected release date is “unknown.”

Additionally, there is no news surrounding the start of a trial date.

However, further investigation found that  Harris is in the pre-trial phase and although he was said to have pleaded not guilty in March, that information is untrue. Although he has been (obviously) tight-lipped  about the whole thing, Harris appeared in court for a “status conference” on May 17, and could potentially ask for a bail hearing. He’s scheduled to go back June 19. Like many local prisons, police in the area have deals with the feds to house inmates awaiting trial, which appears to be the case here.

His girlfriend, Yandy Smith is the couple’s sole mouthpiece. A glimpse of his latest legal troubles aired on the VH1 series, but the rest has been kind of a mystery. “It’s a hard situation, especially when you don’t have any answers yet,” Smith told VH1 in March. “It’s kind of just a waiting situation to see what this is all about, and that’s the hard part – the unknown is the hardest part.”

Harris’ story became a sleeper hit for season three of the show given all its twists and turns. Prior to the drug charges came allegations that the 34-year-old father s-xually abused a teen girl. He was later vindicated of wrongdoing.

Just as that debacle ended, the drug charges popped up.

The native New Yorker is accused of trafficking more than $2 million worth of coke and heroin for a decade. His brother, and another cohort have also been indicted for their roles in the alleged drug scheme.

Hip-Hop Wired reached out to Harris’ lawyer, Donald Thompson, who confirmed  that he has not “been found guilty of anything yet, much less sentenced.”


Photo: democratic chronicle/tina yee






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  • Orange Moon561

    keep ur head up yandy , i feel ur pain , just hold him down dnt let nobody tell u different

    • Stay in School Kids

      He’s a drug dealer! Has been for years and she knew it. He and Yandy are trash.

      • Mrs_Rance

        He doesn’t seem like trash to me. He just got caught upin all that money. He doesn’t have any bodies on him. I say give him 3 or 4 years to drive home that lesson that he clearly needs to grasp…Yandy too. But I think that since she chose that life and reaped the benefits, she needs to hold him down and do this bid with him. Try to help him become a better man.

      • Cool Breeze

        You don’t know what he done. Stfu!

      • Stay in School Kids

        Do you know what drugs do to a person? a family? Just watch 1 episode of “Intervention” and multiply that times 10 million. He sacrificed families for his money. Now he can sacrifice his own.

      • GTFOH

        The bodies are nameless bc they’re drug addicts, babies lost through miscarriage and neglect to drug addicted women, children left fatherless bc of drug addicted fathers, etc. HE HAS BODIES ON HIM.

      • Mrs_Rance

        It sounds to me that the bodies you speak of are on the addicts themselves. Let them be responsible for their situation. The dealers always pay for their part. I hold out hope that this brotha can be saved.

      • Mrs_Rance

        While he’s locked up the fiends are still getting high. He profitted from THEIR addiction.


  • Mrs_Rance

    So basically the last sentence makes the whole story null and void.

  • bigdawgman

    Disappeared? Hope that dude ain’t in witness protection….

  • Da Boot Knocker

    Free mendeecees !

  • b_rad317

    No he hasn’t been sentenced. I’ve served a federal sentence and the Feds contract with county jails to house Federal defendants that are awaiting trial. The BOP inmate locator only has info ob convicted inmates. If a defendant is awaiting trial, which typically takes 1-3 years on a complex drug conspiracy case, the status will list “In Transit.” Vinelink 2.0 notifies victims of crimes where the inmate in housed and their expected release date. I checked Vinelink 2.0 for New York and Mendeecees Harris is being housed at the Yates County Jail in New York.

  • b_rad317

    Sorry for the typos. Using my cell. (Sausage Fingers).

  • Real

    Crazy! And now his crimie Ronald Willie Walker is claiming the FEDS made a deal with him to pay 2.5 million dollars to give him less time. Sounds suspicious. Sounds like SNITCHING! They don’t do that for the mafia!!!!

  • neda

    He snitching