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13 Pro Athletes Who Smacked & Punched Women [PHOTOS]


A pro athlete has likely been coddled since their talent at whatever sport they excel at was spotted as a kid. Nevertheless, it doesn’t excuse the fact that way too many grown men getting paid to plays a kid’s game have been in the news for putting their hands on women.

Maybe it’s a false sense of entitlement, but there is never a feasible excuse for hitting someone else when you could probably just walk away. Especially if you’re a hulking athlete and you outweigh the women in question by like a hundred pounds. Adam “Pacman” Jones’ latest blunder–he is accused of of hitting a woman outside of a Cincinnati bar–reminded us that such incidents are all too familiar in the world of pro sports.

Check out 13 Pro Athletes Who Were Accused Of Hitting Women in the following pages.

Photo: NFL

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