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Imbalanced Justice: 10 Cases Of Whites Murdering Blacks, & Walking [PHOTOS]


The undercurrent of racism remained part of the conversation during the second-degree murder trial of George Zimmerman. Although the volunteer night watchman is a multiracial man with a white father and Peruvian mother, there still existed the narrative that racial profiling was the root issue that ended Trayvon Martin‘s life. 

Historically, too many Black boys and men have suffered a similar fate to Martin, only to have the families of the slain endure the pain of seeing a white person walk away unscathed and free of charges. Black Americans were reminded of that very pain this weekend when Zimmerman was acquitted in Florida despite the racially-charged nature of the case.

Hip-Hop Wired looks at 10 instances of where whites have killed Black people and largely escaped justice.

Photo: New York Daily News, Southern Alabama University, Jet Magazine/Emmett Till, ABC News

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  • Clarence Worley

    Blacks are 8 times more likely to kill a white person than a white person killing a black. Whites are more likely to be killed by blacks than by whites. These are all FBI stats. Go look them up. So I ask you. Who are the real racists? Not surprising that the latest Gallup pole taken showed that a majority of Americans view blacks as the most racist group in the US.

    We should have picked our own cotton.

    • Iamm Vaporizzing

      Is that because the population of blacks to whites is about 8/10?? hmmm

  • Iamm Vaporizzing

    if by white father you mean Jewish, then ok, but ask any Jew if they consider them self white? And what a convenient time for this article, nothing like string up the media hype BS!!! Congrats hip hop wired, you are just like the rest of the bs fake media..

  • donta lazy

    its unfair and untrue that more blacks are killed by whites. WHAT is true that more blacks are killed by blacks and more whites are killed by blacks and more not convicted mainly because of a racist president a racist doj, and the racist black caucus of congress.