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10 Reminders Why T.I. Is Really ‘Bout That Life


T.I. has led a life that most rappers only talk and rhyme about, and just are not really built for. Since the self proclaimed King Of the South has put his most recent legal troubles behind him, he has seemed to keep a relatively low profile in terms of altercations in the streets.  But don’t let the television portrayal fool you – that side of T.I. we all know as “Tip” is still alive and well, in doses.

Word on the street is T.I. allegedly pulled a knife on a man who played his wife Tameka “Tiny” Harris a little too close at a Washington DC club during an after party for the “America’s Most Wanted” tour over the weekend. A reality show, T.I. and Tiny: The Family Hustle, has softened his image in the public thanks to its focus on fatherhood, the “ASAP” rapper is not to be played for a chump.

While the dust has yet to settle on what the facts are surrounding this alleged club incident, let these following examples serve as reminders of why T.I. isn’t the one to test.

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  • bigdawgman

    Hmmm, boy has a whooooole lotta convictions not to STILL be in jail. ijs

    • Judi Lauren

      You’d be surprised at how many convictions for drugs dudes in the A got and are walking the streets. That’s Fulton County biggest case load….its like a turnstile at the jail….I know someone who knows Tip VERY well…. and he got just about the same amount of convictions was on the lam from 10 yr probation for over 10 yrs, never got looked for and then finally got snatched up on a parking violation, used someone else’s name and was out of jail on no report probation in 2 months…. it’s a way of life for nuccas here. Ish, Fulton County holds cases so long they have had to let murderers free….the mighty Fulton County of Atlanta…

  • Truthraw

    TIP is aight wit me # realniga

  • DeezyHatesHoes

    Cloverland, TX??? Nah, it’s not a town, just a neighborhood.

  • Good citizen

    Am moving to Fulton County that’s the place for me. One year and one day.Lol

  • disqus_NN0pFzccCm

    May be

  • Do Boy

    Dat mane fina gone git money cuz he be froms da skreet y’all’s fina knome sane. All dem playerz be swetin TI cuz he da 4 realz gangsta knome sane!