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Gucci Mane Returns To Twitter, Apologizes & Says He’s Addicted To Lean


Gucci Mane has returned to Twitter. But rather than slinging more slander, Guwop explained that he was addicted to lean, apologized to Drake, Baby, and others, and said that he plans to enter rehab for a lean addiction. 

The currently incarcerated Atlanta rapper’s Twitter account had been on a hiatus since September 11, but today (Sept. 22) he was back with a series of tweets explaining his past social media antics.

“Woke up the other day out this hospital bed & I’m so embarrassed & ashamed of my behavior that was brought to my attention,” he tweeted. “I just wanna man up right now & take this time to apologize to my family, friends, the industry & most of all my fans. I’m SORRY! I’ve been drinking lean for 10plus years & I must admit it has destroyed me. I wanna be the first rapper to admit I’m addicted to lean & that sh*t ain’t no joke. I can barely remember all the things I’ve done & said. However there’s no excuse.”

Interestingly, despite catching his wrath, Nicki Minaj was not named in the list of artists he apologized to.

Also,cConsidering the lack of any spelling errors, we can’t help but doubt Gucci himself was tweeting these messages. Just saying.

Check out Gucci’s series of tweets in the gallery.

Photo: Cam Kirk

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  • BOSSK3

    Bro I’m prayn 4 u cuzzo

  • PrettyDericka

    Gucci stay off that stuff man !

  • Candy

    Please get some help before you or somebody kills you. I do applaud Gucci for admitting that he has an addiction problem. I hope rehab does him some good and he can get a clean slate on life. Apologize to that female you pushed out your car and that solider you hit over the head. Make your haters your motivators!!!!!

  • I’ve♥Changed

    I feel bad for him and I can’t help but appreciate his (or his ghost writer’s) apology. I didn’t know one could tweet from jail. What I do know is the people surrounding him and feeding off him need to catch this man because he is falling. I do wish him the best.

  • Tbaby

    We forgive u guwop

  • Stans4Forreals

    Sorry asss fvcking drug addict.. Black males turn my fvcking stomach…

    • Swagking

      shut up bisexual midget.

      • Stans4Forreals

        REPOST: First off Gaywalker you are far too many aliases on this blog to accuse anyone else of being aliases with a straight face.. Come off the act.. Second how and where would you aka Magister have come into all this info about this Aaron character?? You want me and the board to believe you just so happened to innocently come across all these relatives of Aarons – namely his father – and they felt comfortable giving someone who contacted them online thirstily all this info about their relative?? Yeah right h3maph boy.. This is clearly someone who you already know who you are childishly going after online! You are so obsessed with this gay male that you’re dedicating blogs to him.. The type of info you’re posting isn’t just found online.. You know this guy.. What’s the deal with you two?? Is he a former lover who dumped you?? Did you have a bad break up and now you’re bitter?? I’m willing to bet that’s the case because you portray yourself as an angry bitter closet dl h0m0s3xual on this board especially with the graphic ways you talk about gay s3x here. Is the graphic things you post here the things you miss doing to Aaron?? Do you miss that loose faaggot asss??. Did Aaron fvck you then leave you?? Is that where your obsession stems from?? I don’t know who this Aaron guy is but the best thing he ever did was to get away from your crazy stalker obsessive insane petty bjtch njgger closet faaggot asss.. You are one sick piece of shjt!

      • bigshot

        You sound like a homo. Nobody is reading all that u dipstick

      • Stans4Forreals

        You read it didn’t you?? If you didn’t care why even comment?? Fvck off you djckless piece of shjt!!!

    • Thug Yard Ape N:gg:r Inc.

      he’s a drug addict that has more money than you and your dad two lame somber asses

      • Stans4Forreals

        If I could have money and have a serious deadly drug problem or live as I do now without one I’d gladly choose the latter.. Noone is impressed by this drug addict assshole loser but sad sorry asss koons liks you.. Fvck off clown…

    • Da’Ronn Greene

      Then why you on a black site? Just a question.

  • CA415

    I kinda don’t believe he sent those tweets.. I looked at them individually and Every word was spelled correctly..

    Now do you really think a crackhead did that?


    • Thug Yard Ape N:gg:r Inc.

      he’s not a crackhead

      • CA415

        You smoked it once.. You ah crackhead

  • Tha Double Truth

    That fool got high and told the truth! Lol! Then he sobered up and basically said *Oops*…he can’t rap anyway! Maybe he’ll sell 300 more albums and go TIN FOIL or sumthn! He’ll never go GOLD or PLATINUM. Him and Project Pat should do a song together….that would be amusing. LOL

    • Sitali Emefiele


  • Fina

    Glad he’s speaking out ! They allow these rappers to push drugs in music, lean Molly etc, but they never tell the down side. That’s why his belly was so big. Chit probably 1000 calories a swallow ! People out here about to die over that chit yet they are allowed to push it on their own people. Hip hop has done more damage than crac I hate them !

  • Aaliyah Noelle

    didnt gucci say it was hacked ? what u apologizing for if your stuff was hacked?
    ahh gucci we knew it was you all along. you tweet like you rap…horribly
    anyways… get help man!

  • rsimway24

    many say I have nerve problems. I just wonder.