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10 Reasons Why The PlayStation 4 Is Better Than The Xbox One


If you’re still on the fence about which next-gen awesomeness you should purchase, don’t worry, we have all the gory details on why the PlayStation 4 is your no. 1 pick.

Last night (Nov. 14), Sony rented out The Standard hotel in New York City to welcome its latest creation upon the world. Meanwhile, Microsoft is parking their giant Xbox One in major cities across the U.S. and Canada in an attempt to let fans get hands-on with their next-gen offering. It’s quite a lot to take in if you’re fresh to the whole thing, but this is as sure as sign as any that the gaming cold war is now a full-fledge console battlefield.

If you’re one of the few who are on the outside looking in, but want to jump onto a certain console’s ship, just know there are many similarities between these two video game playing machines. But there are also some clear points of differentiation, too.

Whatever you decide to buy, you’ll surely be rewarded with an exemplary experience. But just to make sure you’ve made the correct choice, we’ve broken down 10 Reasons Why the PlayStation 4 Is Better Than the Xbox One, based on all the information available.

Dive in, gamers, the water is fine.

Photo: Sony, Microsoft

We kick things off with breaking down how much digi-love the PS4 is receiving over the Xbox One on the e-streets:


PS4 Has Better Online Love

For every one positive mention that Xbox One received throughout this year, the PlayStation 4 got two. On the flip-side, the negative reactions through social media are higher for the One than for the PlayStation 4.

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  • jerzcitybullcity

    Got the play station 4
    Son will be happy

  • bigdawgman

    Bump consoles! PCs all the way!

    • AmericanRequiem

      If you can afford a capable gaming rig that is….

  • MegasurousRex

    This guy is retarded I swear some of those reasons aren’t even thought out enought to be reasons its pathetic really , you should just change the article to “10 Pathetic Opinions On Why You Should Get a Play Station 4”

    • Hunter Tuazon

      lol yeah “PS4 has a better release date durrr durrr”

  • celery

    Sounds bias to me I have the ps4 but im a xbox guy

    • AmericanRequiem

      Same here. It’s not biased as much as it is ignorance of the subject matter. This article was a serious waste of 10 clicks of my time online.

      • celery

        The only advantage playstation had was free online play but its no longer free lol they both have exclusive games but I will try both

      • AmericanRequiem

        Indeed, at the end of the day I play games not consoles and I’ll buy both to ensure that I can get the best experience possible.

  • AmericanRequiem

    Nothing worse than when a dumb@ass attempts to review a game or a console. Seriously, how the fvck is the launch party going to affect my gameplay experience?

  • wrestlefan01

    PlayStation Has The Better Release Date

    Available today (Nov. 15), gamers hungry for their next-gen fix don’t
    have to wait for any Black Friday deals, and will be able to play the
    coolest titles way before Turkey Day. Meanwhile, Xbox fans will have to
    mesh with other holiday shoppers during the Black Friday / Early
    Christmas rush when it comes out on 11/22.

    black friday is november the 29th.this reason is pathetic. they release a week apart from each other.thats like saying.well this one comes out on monday so it is a better get because the other one comes out on tuesday.who ever made this list is a moron

  • brandon

    This was ridiculous I have a day one edition of the xbox one and my brother has the ps4 he even agrees the xbox is better and he is majoring in electronic engineering this review seems like it was done by an ignorant person basing the information off of YouTube videos please do some actual research before you put your uneducated opinion into topics. Just stick to hip hop

  • Nokio

    I got both consoles I like both the ps4 is great I picked up my xbox one today 11/22 day one edition and it didn’t work the disc drive didn’t read discs and was clicking and would barley take a disc had to push it in and it would only come out alittle and get sucked back in it was a total let down I had to return it and now got to wait so it does have disc drive issues i payed a lot of money and am not happy so I don’t know thought the community should know