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If you’re still on the fence about which next-gen awesomeness you should purchase, don’t worry, we have all the gory details on why the PlayStation 4 is your no. 1 pick.

Last night (Nov. 14), Sony rented out The Standard hotel in New York City to welcome its latest creation upon the world. Meanwhile, Microsoft is parking their giant Xbox One in major cities across the U.S. and Canada in an attempt to let fans get hands-on with their next-gen offering. It’s quite a lot to take in if you’re fresh to the whole thing, but this is as sure as sign as any that the gaming cold war is now a full-fledge console battlefield.

If you’re one of the few who are on the outside looking in, but want to jump onto a certain console’s ship, just know there are many similarities between these two video game playing machines. But there are also some clear points of differentiation, too.

Whatever you decide to buy, you’ll surely be rewarded with an exemplary experience. But just to make sure you’ve made the correct choice, we’ve broken down 10 Reasons Why the PlayStation 4 Is Better Than the Xbox One, based on all the information available.

Dive in, gamers, the water is fine.

Photo: Sony, Microsoft

We kick things off with breaking down how much digi-love the PS4 is receiving over the Xbox One on the e-streets:

PS4 Has Better Online Love

For every one positive mention that Xbox One received throughout this year, the PlayStation 4 got two. On the flip-side, the negative reactions through social media are higher for the One than for the PlayStation 4.

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