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Just Say No: 10 Rappers Who Don’t Smoke Or Drink


Rappers and drugs go back like babies and pacifiers. Even when Melle Mel was talking about “White Lines” back in the day, the game continues to have a prominent love affair with the lush and illicit pharmaceuticals life. Fortunately for Hip-Hop, there are lyricists who are proud not to drink, smoke or do drugs.

To live a life as a “straight edge” rapper isn’t a road taken by most of the mainstream. It’s a choice made by a chosen few. Many of these people who are on this list associate their ideals with the principles found in being sober at all times. For every Curren$y and molly-popping rhyme-spitter, there are quite a few who are extremely resolute in their decision to not indulge in the hard liquor, sticky icky or “white girl.”

We’re here to give y’all the harsh reality check by saluting these 10 Rappers Who Don’t Smoke Or Drink.

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We start off with the most surprising advocate against the drug life—former drug dealer Curtis Jackson:

50 Cent

The G-Unit boss followed Christopher Wallace‘s commandment strongly, “Thou shalt not get high off of thou’s own supply.”

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  • 2iLL

    How can you forget king Kendrick!

    • El Gestapo

      Kendrick drinks. He’s not a lush with it, but he drinks that brown liquor.

  • Kendrick Lamar

    • El Gestapo

      See above reply.

      • salmonela stains

        tyler the creator is a big druggie, you must not check out his instagram. this is some bogus reporting.

      • Submit links to IG for proof.

  • an dres


  • kayjay204

    Common smokes marley

  • tkempin

    Is there some proof of the Tyler The Creator one?