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At this point, who knows what to expect from Lamar Odom? His latest escapade — a video showing him unclothed and rapping alongside a friend — set the Internets ablaze, but has good excuse.

TMZ Reports:

Lamar Odom admits he fell off the wagon last week … but he insists he was s**faced drunk, and not cracked out.

Lamar told friends he’s seen the video (above) we posted on TMZ, showing him slurring his words in an L.A. bathroom as he rapped with his fellow shirtless friend Jamie Sangouthai.

Lamar says it was a one time deal and NO drugs were involved — he was specific about 2 drugs he’s had problems with — crack and coke.

Lamar insists he’s now clean and training hard at the University of Rhode Island.

So, there you have it folks. Besides, we’ve all been drunk and erratic before. Right? Right.

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Photo: TMZ

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